Your Personal InformationHidden on the BlockchainEnigma Cryptocurrency

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Enigma cryptocurrency using secret contracts and innovative scaling solutions to usher in a new wave of blockchain utility all the while protecting your privacy and data.

objelodanjivanje: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational puposes.
osim toga, Ja trenutno nisu uložili u ovaj projekat, ali mogu razmotriti taj način u budućnosti.



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Hvala za gledanje; molim vas volim, pretplatiti, i podijeliti ako smatra da je ova korisna!

Your Personal InformationHidden on the BlockchainEnigma Cryptocurrency

22 komentari

  1. Excellent review. Much appreciated. Thank you for your hard work. You make it understandable as its all too complex for me 🙂

  2. I’ve been following this team closely since November 2017. Secret contracts are really necessary in this space, even Charles Hoskinsons acknowledged this in an interview and said they were working on something similar. Considering everything Enigma has done just this year, I’m 100% sure this project has a huge future and is heavily undervalued. I consider this project the most undervalued of my investments at the moment, and I also own Cardano, Vechain, Neo and Stellar Lumens.

  3. If they can truly deliver on their roadmap I think it’s an easy 100x or more from here in two years, especially if we see a 5 trillion dollars market cap by then !

  4. Boring to massesuntil their data is hacked. Then there is outrage. Good one Lark. Mahalo.

  5. Thanks for putting this togetheryou make these complex subjects so easy to understand. 🌟

  6. Not sure Enigma is a good omen for a project such as this. Enigma machines of the early 20th century had a checkered past.

  7. Once again good informative review Lark. I was going through gainers and losers on cmc and I noticed a new token with massive volumeproject pai. I had a read and was wondering if you could have a look at it with a possible review in the future. hvala.

  8. Considering coins like Verge are thought of as ‘privacy coins’, the bar is set low in the crypto world. Enigma seems like the best in the privacy area, as in the one mostly likely to still be around in 5 godina.

  9. I love your reviews CryptoLark! and I love what ENG is doing. It’s a shame so many copycats are just coming out, but hey Enigma will beat the competition for sure. I also really liked a review you did for LOCI way back when. Please don’t turn into a paid shill and continue to provide us all with uninfluenced interesting content!

  10. Hey Lark, good review. I started noticing a lot of reviews I see on Youtube don’t delve too much into the tokenomics. The project sounds intriguing but if I buy Eng what will cause it to increase in value over time?

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