Your Bitcoin Is Not Safe! QuadrigaCX, Cryptopia, Binance, Blizanci, Kraken – Exchanges Know The Risks

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QuadrigaCX goes down, Cryptopia loses millions, all just another day in crypto, can we get better exchanges for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?


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Your Bitcoin Is Not Safe! QuadrigaCX, Cryptopia, Binance, Blizanci, Kraken – Exchanges Know The Risks

30 komentari

  1. The Crypto Lark
    Could you inform me a little bit more about the security of the ledger nano s? I purchased one, but it seemed to have fingerprints on it/looked like it had been used before.. anyway, it just kind of freaked me outso much so I threw it away. I apologize for my ignorance, but could someone have intercepted the keys.. or just how does the thing work..?

    .. Again sorry for the ignorance, I just don’t seem to understand it..

  2. You really should consider doing stand up! I haven’t laughed so hard for weeks. I tried to get my PAC Coins off CRYPTOPIA exchange, I wasn’t able to and then they went burst!!

  3. we all know decentralised is the way to go with our currency, we just need to realise that decentralised is the way to go with our exchanges

  4. Quadriga sounded as fishy as hell just from the little bit I read in the news, i.e. only one guy had access to 100% of the assets, and it was on his laptop that nobody can access !! Ha ha. Yeah, sure. Makes perfect sense to store everything on one laptop. But after hearing all this extra info in your video, I’d say it’s a 100% nailed-on exit strategy. He dies and they burn the body immediately and dispose of it immediately. I’m sure his family were just fine with that and agreed to very bit of it. tako, yup, for me it’s an exit.

    I’m sure Cryptopia was an inside job too. What they did afterwards showed no brains at all by sending funds to Binance. Nobody with the intelligence to hack an exchange does something so utterly moronic. I’m sure it’s probably some low-mid tier employee who did it with a bit of influence maybe from a friend or family member.

  5. Seriously this is dodgy AF but what sort of knob keeps $70M worth of crypto on an exchange?! I don’t care how rich you are or how much you think you trust any exchange. This is just ludicrous and only adds to the long list of red flags surrounding this latest incident.

  6. Lark have you been eating vegan?

    Looks like you’ve lost some weight man.

    Good on ya however yer doin it man!


  7. Great video thank you. There is a lot for new emerging companies to learn from the mistakes of others.

  8. Yep as soon as I heard there was only one guy that had the password to access all of that I couldn’t help but think right yeah this doesn’t smell fishy at all

  9. If he isn’t dead.. It’s going to be very hard to run away from a lot of pissed off people.. Perhaps equally as shady 👀

  10. Lol come on, that guy claiming he had crypto for 70 million on the exchange is clearly lying 😂😂😂
    Nearly half (depending on the source there wasn’t 150million on cold storage)
    Besides that; if he had it’s definitely his own fault 😂

  11. Here is the story: A rebel son doesnt like the rules that his father set at home. He wanted a freedom, goes to his friend, using drugs, and finally he realized his money was gone because of his junkie friend.. he come back and told his father, “my so called friend cheated mebut at the end his father helped him anyway and he relies on his father afterwards. Thats the story between government, crypto investors, and the CX.

  12. There are no funds, the blockchain has proven that the funds that were in the wallets has been moving around. The keys aren’t missing but the customer funds are. tako, again not your keys, not your crypto.

  13. Strange, exchanges are Supposedly getting hacked or closing for Odd reasons right after the Proof of Keys event last month!! After swapping/buying your coins, Get them off these gangster casino exchanges!!

  14. NorthAngelX do you really think that many people participated? I don’t keep much on exchanges I wouldn’t really miss it if something happened, but I can tell you right now I wasn’t about to pay transfer fees just so I could be part of things lol I’m not made of Satoshis

  15. Hvala ti! da, been vegan for a while, but have been trying to exercise more, got carried away with being stuck to the computer last year, was bad for my health

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