Year End Cash Out Turns Market Red | Buying Opportunity?

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The markets are showing a strong dip into the Red as investors appear to be moving their investments to USDT and Ripple (XRP) or cashing out all together.

This was an expected move to be made, and not really a sign of anything worth panicking over. At this time the market seems to be presenting a buying opportunity, or a HOLD scenario depending on your personal position.

Year End Cash Out Turns Market Red | Buying Opportunity?

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  1. ej, can you please review XP coin ? It popped into top 100 out of no where and it’s very cheap. I see some phenomenal potential..

  2. you should do a review on DBC (deepbrainchain). This crypto is a big topic here in Switzerland (don’t know why) and I think this thing could become pretty BIIIG!! your channel is great, keep going! greetings

  3. U should always do ur intro with what’s goin up everyone! I think of that as ur thing ya kno. Great vids great Tweats! Keep goin up!

  4. BTC to Verge then to ADA .. dont know what am I doing with my investment.. Binance be like .. do whatever you want I am getting my fee everytime you are getting confused!

  5. I am glad I bought Modum (MOD) u 2,03$. Look at its rise today. Please do a video about MOD soon so that people can buy the dip at around 4,50$. Best token for 2018, to the MOOOON 😀

  6. You seem to know more about the technical aspects than Jeff.

    Jeff just tells us to buy low and sell high and gives us advice on what to do with this new found wealth

    Ps: That tether advice was genius. I wish I heard that before. My Litecoin has been going to the grave and I would’ve transferred that for tether and bought some other altcoins

  7. Right. Xrp which has real implications against bitcoin where the only purpose it has now is to buy just to use to buy ripple. Whats will ever happen when coinbase adds it and you don’t need bitcoin anymore lol

  8. Hi ACB Team! *Can you guys do a review of GIFTO?* Kinda fell off the radar. I think it’s highly undervalued for 2018, I would love to get your opinion on this! THANKS!

  9. Coinbase has lost their minds”Please, remember to pay your taxes”. Yeah, let me change my cat’s litter box first.

  10. GSHeverything _27 what’s so great about poe I read on our but I don’t see anything great about it

  11. I feel you, hold on ADA and wait for altcoin buzz to release a new video regarding a new coin or anything if their reiview is good , then go all in and shut your computer down dont look at anything for at least 3,4 dani

  12. DAVID TRAN you’re a fucking moron and know nothing about my investments, I’m far from a noob and I’m invested heavily in both of these since early one, .02 for POE and .11 for ADA

  13. Moto Productions Yes long term. It’s a good price, has good tech. Just research tron trx and Justin Sun.

  14. stay long with the coin you bought like ada..they are still working..imagine when there project hit the market and your money will i stay the coins as a long investement project..thats how i am making some money..

  15. picked up UTRUST today , they showed great strength on a very strong red market day . they are bellow 30 centi ….they look very promising and in the top gainers under the trending tap in coin market cap page

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