XRP Taking Over SWIFT, kockanje, banke, & tržišta

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Latest happening with XRP as SWIFT rumors fuel price speculation, XRP gets into gaming, and a bank actually commits to using XRP.


Euro Exim Bank Taps Ripple’s xRapid for Cross-Border Settlements


Third Largest Bank in Saudi Arabia Launches Ripple-Based Instant Cross-Border Payments Pilot



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XRP Taking Over SWIFT, kockanje, banke, & tržišta

25 komentari

  1. Good video mate. Many people refuse to report on XRP as they are holding BTC, but we all know XRP is far more superior.

  2. Let’s say they will use xrp, they can give any value to JUST ONE COIN and move impressive amounts of dollars or euro, xrp coin is a scam as it can be deleted, moved, blocked or just taken from uit is centralized, u do now own the coins u pay for.

  3. Suspicious? Most definetly brother. Why do they even need to use xrp you ask? Oh! Thats right, they don’t. 🙌 😂 Love that monkey 🤩 I don’t want to see anyone lose money either. Buuuut…. When they disregard all red flags it’s so hard to feel sorry for them.

  4. XRP is awesome. It’s a wonderful system. So please XRP army. Don’t threaten my family.

  5. Long term there is a massive incentive for banks to use xRapid as it frees up the trillions banks have to deposit in nostro/vostro accounts around the world. They can bring that capital back to their country and use it in a more useful way

  6. Great video as always lark!

    Would love to see you do an updated interview with the unibright team! would be amazing!

  7. +Titan Boss
    Hah, no I was just poking fun at the extremes that the XRP army is willing to go to when people of any importance speak badly of XRP. The death threats and such.
    Personally though, I prefer bitcoin, especially as long as we’re in this bear market. I may consider buying some alts once I’m sure the market has bottomed out.

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