XRP & Bank of America? Shakepay, Kucoin Crypto Delistings – kriptovaluta News

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Is Ripple About to Sign a Partnership with Bank of America?

Is Ripple About to Sign a Partnership with Bank of America?

Cory Johnson: XRP is Bitcoin 2.0

Cory Johnson: XRP is Bitcoin 2.0

The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay

The Fast and the Frictionless: Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange with Shakepay

Refreshed pricing and Shakepay launches out of beta :rocket:


Shakepay Twitter

KuCoin To Delist Six Coins

KuCoin To Delist Six Coins

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XRP & Bank of America? Shakepay, Kucoin Crypto Delistings – kriptovaluta News

45 komentari

  1. Cory is bias. Ripple should have just created a company that runs a fast transaction network. something CC and SWIFT can utilize. They don’t need to use a token (XRP). that is just an extra step. and then adding on the token burning to increase its valuehaha.. fast and cheap will be a thing of past when all cryptos do that. and XRP is centralized. they can reverse transactionjust a like bank. therefore why call yourself a crypto?

  2. Good to see this channel now reporting on the biggest news in the Crypto space (Ripple Company). It is annoying that most Youtubers are bias to XRP as they know it will eventually overtake BTC, so they don’t talk about the XRP news and instead talk about complete crap, such as dodgy ICO’s or a fantasy lightening network theory that does not even exist and even if it eventually does, it will still be useless and slow compared to the modern techs. štaviše, XRP will have already been mass adopted by then.

  3. Are the 100 banks the same 100 banks Ripple had 12 mjesecima ranije?

    Just thought they may have added a few more by now.

  4. All announcements seem to be rumors or obscure suggestions that they may form some partnership with a big player but nothing tangible seems to happen. Like trying to grab a greasy pig. Unlike Stellar with ICO’s building on the blockchain, 2 trillion transaction on testnet to stress test scaleability, no less than three dedicated decentralised exchanges StellaX, Stellarport, SDEX with 0 fees and refund inflation.

  5. Nice succinct videoother channels could learn a few lessons from you guys! FYI the pronunciation is Santan-dare (bank named after the port city on the north coast of Spain).

  6. Dallas O’DellIt my get stuck there if you don’t act ASAP. Move it to a wallet (like ledger ect) or sell it for some spare BTC. 👍🏻

  7. Syrold Dizon I know That’s why I bought a ton of Publica, Lost so much on this coin! …but then again that’s our choice whether or not to buy and our responsibility😞

  8. +Mattie AWESOME.. I just signed up too. Thanks and keep up the great work. If you have any other suggestion for us Canucks, let us know?

  9. fast acceptance, no banking issues with transfers, credit cards i cannot speak for. no one should ever use a cc anyhow in a decentralized support future. stop funding the industrialized military killing machines.

  10. +XRP Fam Animations Show me your facts….don’t just say fACTslooks like you are big XRP fan so here is fact. “It can freeze your transactions. The biggest example of this is when Jed McCaleb, founder of Ripple Labs, tried to sell more than a million dollars worth of Ripple. The transaction was reversed. There are rumors that Jed breached the contract, but even though, the very possibility of freezing a transaction is against basic cryptocurrency principles” (cointelegraph). XRP is Pre-minded….FACT. deflationaryyes I agree, b/c they burn their tokens when X-rapid is used.

  11. Good to see this channel now reporting on the biggest news in the Crypto space, investing in Bitcoin has always been a frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben, Altcoin Daily and some majority of the videos uploaded here on Altcoin Buzz made references about the great Mr. CEDRIC DAHL, so i contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 9BTC in less than a month from his tradings. He is competent , pošten, dosljedan i vrlo iskusan, contact him at cryptocedricdahl @gmail .com or via telegram @cryptocedric1.,.

  12. +Crypto Hero They cannot freeze them, I dont care to waste time looking for the videos where they state they can’t, you can look at specfiic lines in code that prevent this, believe or not I could care less bye Fudster

  13. +XRP Fam Animations I could careless about ignorance either. unless you are a coder that works for XRP. don’t bother explaining either. P.s. I love XLM.

  14. Joe smith Lol if you’re having any issues with the Cardano wallet then you probably need to download the new update

  15. Appcoins just partnered with Unity (Video Game Engine) and I believe will be integrating PayPal integration for their wallet. Shame nobody is talking about this.

  16. XRP can do 1500 TPS right now. It can be scaled to 50.000 TPS, it’s literally on the website dude, low effort post

  17. People that honestly think XRP is a ‘shitcoinare extremely delusional/misinformed, and either too lazy or too scared to look at the real facts. The tech is one of the best there is, and it has a real use-case to improve our lives. Proof of work is dying, and it will be a thing of the past soon.

  18. Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I’m enjoying them a lotI used to be a confused Hodler who didn’t know what to make of his crypto investments, I had 17k worth of bitcoin, 120 Eterijuma, 300Ltc and 20,000 XRP, the prices where dropping so fast before my eyes, I saw Bitcoin go from $13k to to $6k in June , my Alts were falling at the same, I sold half of my Holdings out of Fear of loosing everything , I had only 2.6Btc left in my Coinbase wallet, I had little knowledge on Stocks and Forex so it really enhanced my Learning .Early July , on CNBC channel I heard them mention a Crypto Veterian named “MORGAN ROY” they said he runs a training program for Amateur investors who lack understanding on how Trading Bitcoin works, I contacted him the next day, he told me his fee for his program ( No upfront payments ) we started working , he gave me guidelines on what to do, I started trading under his guidance same day, it was a bit complicated but I understood better after 3days, I continued with him for 3weeks , I made 28k total which I paid him his Fee from ,he’s down to earth and always ready to teach , I was able to reach him through his Telegram Number -(+1-631-706-4129) , or you can send him a mail Roymorgantrading@gmail.com

  19. i am so proud to mention Mrs Alexandra to my friends you have no idea.. he has changed my life just like she will yours.

  20. spanishescapes why do you say so when she makes me real money. No scam over here okay? I get my payout

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