World of Ether | The New Ethereum Based Cryptocurrency Game

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In light of the current market conditions, hundreds of gamers/investors have taken to to buy eggs. These eggs will be hatched into Monsters after the Launch of the game in the near future.

The catch is that every new egg purchased increases the cost of the next egg, making the game increasingly more expensive to get into. That is unless existing players breed their monsters and sell their eggs at below the current new egg price.

It seems that owning a large number of these monsters at the onset of the game could somehow be loosely translated into the equivalent of owning a Master Node on a PoW platform.

World of Ether | The New Ethereum Based Cryptocurrency Game

33 komentari

  1. I might be totally off but my pyramid scheme detector went off, not sure if I know enough but there was a feeling.

  2. Entry level is too high already how is this sustainable when the average consumer don’t have $400 to spend and it’s been 1 day already.

  3. Steve, you were rocking with that intro Brother, can you guys a video on different Cold Wallet that can hold more Altcoins???

  4. Looks very polished, I think this could definitely take off and surpass the Cryptokitty hype

  5. Ok now it looks like we will see who has the guts in this Altcoin Army to ride this out to the bottom and back up. Strong hands and strong mind. Just like a real Soldier.

  6. There’s a geocaching project where you find crypto and tokens etc. Found on Twitter few weeks ago.

  7. Steamboat Steve! Thank you so much, I love it when guys do videos like this. Keep up the great work ☺

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