Will Quantstamp Moonshot In Q1 2018? vrh 10 Potential?

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Quantstamp has been a very steady coin to own so far since its release a couple months ago. Going into January, the team has been keeping on track with their timelines and getting ready to make some big developments.

This coin could prove to be a strong investment in the mid to long term, because when they begin to gain more partnerships and get closer to completing the testing phases of their automated auditing process there could be a lot more interest in Quantstamp.

Will Quantstamp Moonshot In Q1 2018? vrh 10 Potential?

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  1. Unless something crazy happens in the next couple days, I still think there will be opportunity to pick this up. Their roadmap doesn’t have a January 1st milemarker. But you never know! -Steve

  2. well i still have a couple thousand of them! was preparing to hold long term but ive grown to love XRP and want as many as possible before what i believe is the inevitable coinbase additioncan always get more QSP later

  3. Paccoin!! I’ve seen it a lot in the comments recently so I did my research. Great coin to pick up and HODL as the market continues to expand this coin will find its way to the top 100 very soon

  4. Džim, I meant the volume on the exchanges has been too low to justify the price. It’s overbought.

  5. Not sure who u are but did u really mean 100x? Because that would put QSP at $17 u pravu? From .17 cent ?

  6. Quantstamp is a coin that people will weep over if they are not hodling an excellent team that is changing the game!!!!!

  7. Every time I learn something new about this project I like it more and more. Everything about it from the product to the team to the marketing screams quality. Quantstamp FTW!

  8. da, thats a valuation of $17 each per coin. This is based off a current 100 mill market cap increasing to $10 bill market cap. prvo… 100 mill –> 1 bill (10x) = 17 cents to $1.7 (10x) and then 1 bill –> 10 bill (10x) = $1.7 –> $17 (10x). I think its a very good estimate if market continues to grow.

  9. i just got a small portion of it when the price went under 40ctwe will see what happens

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