What’s Going On With Hashflare and Cloud Mining? – Današnje Crypto Vijesti

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U ovom videu, Mattie talks about what's going on with Hashflare as well as new information about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.
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What's Going On With Hashflare and Cloud Mining? – Today's Crypto News

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45 komentari

  1. I think Hashflare needs to reduce the withdrawal limit so that cloud mining investors can withdraw whatever they still have in their balance.

  2. Hashflare you’re just throwing away money with those contracts. Unless they literally give them away it’s not even worth 1/10th the cost.

  3. screw hashflare hate this company , wish I would of just bought btc or even my own machines, instead of investing in this stupid company DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY REPEAT DO NOT INVEST IN THIS COMPANY

  4. Lets call a spade a spade, I’m a hf customer and we all signed a contract that states exactly what happens when no longer profitable for a stated number of days. It is what it s but calling this an exit scam is ludacris and said misrepresentation is fud and is not helpful for others researching such stated misreps in those looking to invest in the space. Good update and glad you mentioned the contract specs.

  5. Funny thing with those mining services that kept me away from investing into them especially back in q3-q4 2017.
    The only people who seem to be getting actual ROI are those who are promoting them on Youtube or social media. Everyone else get’s little or no ROI

  6. Upravo. 100% no reason to invest into them. Considering mining is hard enough to get a good ROI, why would you ever want to use a 3rd party.

  7. i personally believe Satoshi Nakamoto was Hal Finney! Seems the most plausible candidate to me!

  8. It may not be a scam, but HF is going to collapse. Along with out contracts.

  9. John Smith I have suspected the same. he must’ve sent himself a lot of emails to himself trying to trick us

  10. Nice video ,but Mr Robert system is the best I have ever come across when it comes to mining

  11. Investing in the bitcoin mining early before now is one big mistake I have ever made but nevertheless no time is late…I have bought two hardwares in three years, i currently have Antminer S9, I bought it for $1,987 from Amazon, I buy electricity worth $2,000, but still not profitable.

  12. The difficulty always was the catch .I stopped investing ages ago when I realised this

  13. got into it by the end of 2017 manahged to get my money back and then it started with the withdrawal limits, decreased payouts due to dificulty. the strange thing is that sha is not paying out, but scrypt is still generating some profit 🙂

  14. Tačno, mine was resumed. The thing is that all miners are getting less income now. Nothing’s wrong with hashflare, market should recover first for us to gain profit again.

  15. it’s you who screwed yourself, so hate yourself. risky stuff like cloud mining is not for you, čovjek

  16. buy btc? what are you talking about? no sence. As hashflare can’t fix the crisis w/ BTC now

  17. You literally can hate any company. Like genesismining stopped payouts, that’s not only about hashflare, crisis is everywhere

  18. not that easy, a mean that limit is already not that high vs the other companies. And hf can’t simply change rules in crisis

  19. ah yes, how can you reinvest when crypto is so down and BTC is sooo down. Probably we’ll see hashflare and crypto back in 2019

  20. Not in current period for sure. If you have a billion left to get BTC rate higher for hashflare. That’s perfect

  21. I understand that you are impatient potato, but you have to wait 🙂 BTC will recover soon

  22. Contracts are active and you can withdraw anytime, so I dont think its scam. Just bad situation on the market

  23. Cloud mining gives good money and it is not necessary analyze situation on market well. These companies were bringing profit to own investors at high rate of bitcoin. Sad, they are having problems. So let’s, wait, when price rises to $9000.

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