What is Verge? Should you Invest?

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Today we are reviewing the private crytpo currency Verge!

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odricanje: Sve ovdje izrazio je moje mišljenje, a ne službene investicionog savjetovanja – molim vas da svoju istraživanja prije nego rizikuje svoj novac!

Hvala za gledanje!
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What is Verge? Should you Invest?

31 komentari

  1. Do a BNB (Binance) video please. It’ll 5x from current levels I think, still room for long, and short, term growth

  2. It has certainly been doing well, I underestimated the community and the explosion of popularity in privacy coins

  3. Now its the best time to invest in verge (XVG). After this crypto bloodbath weekend and coming days.It will hit 0.01 soon and start to pace up with a great community and the dev team putting things amazingly with their road map and wallet. It will hit 0.50 in the coming months before they end of 2017.

  4. zdravo, yes I understand your point of view but : what is possible and not possible in the crypto world?. When BTC was at 10$ nobody believes it could reach one thousandThink that MONERO and PIVX, na primjer, has an infinite supply, the VERGE’s supply seems not that big suddenly (-:
    Some specialists think that BTC could go till 1 million dollars, where would be VERGE at that time?
    People someday you will be happy to have bought those coins at that price…. I prefer to buy an excellent bunch of the inexpensive private VERGE COIN than MONERO at 130$?..

  5. You are advisingstrongercoins to invest in, like PIVX or Monero.. But I think a lot of people are looking for the next: Monero or PIVX, So they can see a great return with a low investment.
    These stronger coins you’re mentioning used to be $0.50 i $0.005,- and are currently being traded for $185 & $3,77.
    PIVX one year ago is the same value as VERGE is today! A $500 investment back then, is worth $377.000,- danas.
    VERGE has great potential with a low investment. Not to mention the increase in value that is about to happen for the majority of these coins in the near future, just because of the fact that more people will start investing in cryptocurrency once they understand the value of it. Make sure you dont mis the train!

  6. I hope that you have bought a bunch of the excellent, private, deflationary, faster VERGE cryptocurrency, recommended by John McAfee himself, since you send me this message

  7. Lark, you can not imagine how much I appreciate youbut you must fix what you said about VERGE because you are very important in the cryptosphere. As I told you VERGE is better than many cryptos private or not, and also than VERGE would go up. You will see that VERGE will enter in the top ten cryptocurrenciesand I give you another info the same will happen with the excellent DIGIBYTE

  8. Le LEVYATHAN Verge is a scam coin to make the developers rich. One wallet controls 17% of all verge in existence & constantly dumps them keeping the price from going up. Need to keep all those bagholders hoping 😂😂😂😂

  9. Damn you look like you’ve beefed up since last year. Getting rich from crypto and eating good I see 😉

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