What is Qtum? Is it Time to Invest?

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What is Qtum? Is it Time to Invest?

32 komentari

  1. Really like your videos and style and will be making you my goto reference for crypto investing!

  2. I’ts hard to find a youtuber who explains Cryptos in a clear and short way, I’ll try to watch all your videos. Keep up the good work! What are your thoughts on Boscoin? Can you make a video about it?

  3. it’s still pretty unclear what QTUM is, and what it does. What does ‘building businesses on top of qtum really mean??’

  4. This is really fantastic project. They have kept their promise on everything in their roadmap and right on time aswell. The fact that they are partnering with ethereum makes it so companies can easily implement projects on their chain. Couple that with recent announcement of being added to the major exchanges and you got yourself a winner

  5. You didn’t have any money in your account? is it because of the way they have your checking and savings accounts setup? (insert Kevin Hart Joke here) lol!

  6. The Crypto Larkjust want to remind you. That Qtum has dropped 98% drop from all time high of $106.00 . Today is $2.00
    Just noticed high volume today and looked into it. What are your thoughts on it today, ?

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