What is Civic? Should you Invest?

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Let's check out Civic and see what it does and what the price points are!

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odricanje: Sve ovdje izrazio je moje mišljenje, a ne službene investicionog savjetovanja

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What is Civic? Should you Invest?

30 komentari

  1. Dude, so strange, will adjust again, not sure what the problem is, thanks for the feedback

  2. Dude, so strange, will adjust again, not sure what the problem is, thanks for the feedback

  3. I think I got it fixed! Played with a few different settings, this video will just stay a bit quiet, but future videos will be better! Thanks for your help! Really appreciate it!

  4. Sound problems! Thanks to everyone for the feedback, figured out the problem, future videos should have awesome sound quality!

  5. thanks for your work, i have a question, could you cover also how and where are you buying crypto currency ?

  6. I have civic I bought at 58 I like the idea! Think it’s new and long term! Could be really good!

  7. You forgot to mention some big factors.
    Companies won’t have to worry anymore about how to get your sensitive personal ID data and don’t have to spend time and money on it
    Users perfectly know which companies have access to which personal data and have full control on which data is shared with who

    and as you mentioned it’s indeed extremely time saving for the users and the next big thing if big internet companies use it or even governments take it as an ID option 😉

  8. your point in the passport i dont like. man the stamps you can get in there its just epic. And it is a government product and they not gonna let that go

  9. hodl civic and see what happens. I hodl all my coins and just waiting to see what happens next year. Less stress of day trading.

  10. C i V i C is a potential beast of crypto, maybe even a potential God of Crypto someday. I think there are only two Gods o Crypto right now, but NEO may join that group soon.. then OMG next year perhaps..

  11. Civic and Metaverse will see some of the biggest growth in cryptos next year. Digital Identity is becoming a very hot topic

  12. I like the general idea of civic but like you said I think it’s early in the game for this 1. The technology still needs more development and it needs a big established corporation to back it/use the technology.

  13. yea i have some civic. they have a working product that can actually improve how things work so even that price has dropped recently i still believe in it.

  14. OmgI’ve been invested in Civic for months and never thought about captcha’s and millions of passwords to every freaking thing.

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