What is Bytom? Worth Getting Into?

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Bytom is the new cool kid from China, time to be friends?

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What is Bytom? Worth Getting Into?

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  1. I actually work for a fixed income asset management company that manages half a trillion dollars around the Globe. As an asset company, our competitors are BlackRock, Pimpco, vjernost, i više. BlackRock is the biggest fixed income asset managers in the world that handle about 5 trillion dollars, probably now at 6 trillion dollars. A lot of Fixed Income assets are institutional, vlada, and non-profit organizations that are valued in the billions. Not an investment for an average joe who only invest in single digit millions. FI Asset companies handle securities in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars and are looking into blockchain technology for smart contracts and transaction speed/volume. Fixed income asset management companies are more interested in the blockchain technology than the coins themselves. If a fixed income asset company were to partner, steći, or merge with a blockchain company, they would be investing in the millions. They would essentially be buying the company to ramp up its security, meet regulatory standards, and technology. Asset companies are looking into AI and Machine learning for robot investing and to help filter out thousands of complicated bonds that have no benchmark to rank against. You actually found a gem.

  2. Nice! Let me tell you that BYTOM will be promoting the project in Korea and Japan next week. Just hired more people for the social media. Plus that 8BTC backs up totally this project and have said it is priority and Future. Bytom will be listed in major exchanges according to the team, but they cant name them yet. Bytom its a great project with more than 6 years base support as 8BTC. Tony , if you are more interested in BYTOM, please feel free to got their main webpage bytom.io , contact them, they always reply or even CINDY, she is one of the main editors at 8BTC, she always replies too. they are great people. You can tell them that Francisco recommend you to them. Blessings.

  3. Cyrpto Lark , I think you have to do more investigation in the coins before making these videos. hvala.

  4. I have a told a of couple people about bytom, but they look at me strangely laughing at the name itself. But when i showed them the potential and specially the Volume and how Asia buys bytom a lot. They are so impress.The price is very good now. But will move up and hit at least 2 u 4 $ by the end of this year.And now the rest of the world is getting to know about this coin forget it.

  5. Tom7 could be but probably not cause I kno the symbol you’re talking about and that symbol is on its side not its point

  6. Jacob Stisen wrotte to the main editor of 8BTC and i wrotte to the Bytom team via email. They replied to me with this info and much more. I posted the screenshots of their replies in reddit. Bytomblockchain. hvala

  7. Crypto Lark thanks and I appreciate you. Have you looked into Salt yet? Its an ICO and I’ve been hearing great reviews about it.

  8. District0x is related to Decentraland somehow I have a feeling. What do you think about Decentraland? they had a crazy ICO (not without issues, but raised a lot).

  9. It’s a lending platform which lets you put up crypto for collateral. You can take out up to a $10,000 loan for 3 months with 1 SALT coin or up to $100,000 which includes a line of credit on as low as a 1 hour loan with 30 kovanice.

  10. Great explanation and helped me take it off my wish list as I would never be able to explain it!!

  11. Risky gamblemight work out but atm they are in a downtrend. Besides of thiswhy another POW mining coin?

  12. Hey Crypto….how’s windy Wellington……….could this bust out like when antshares did, do you think.?

  13. lol “if youre going to sell information to the chinese secret service, you wont have to worry about if they are going to pay youROTFL

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