What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

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BItshares is going up! Should you get involved in this great altcoin?

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Hvala za gledanje!

What is Bitshares? Should you invest?

35 komentari

  1. Interesting, when you uploaded this video the coin had its peak aprox. 1 month before and was going down steadyit still hasn’t gone up

  2. A lot of competition is what has been happening, not to mention that bitshares has not diversified enough yet with what coins it offers. Still a great project with a huge 24 hour volume. Long term it is still good, but the short term has been rough.

  3. that thumbnail…. :p it kinda looks like the upper colour is another dressy thingy, which make u look like a manwoman. haha. :p

  4. Seems like they came into compliance with the SEC and got delisted so they weren’t a security. Looks like this will be the future. Look at the Smart Token program they are pushing. Looks promising.

  5. Smartvibez Ryan Wilday has this as a 288 x for 2018. Ryan is the Elliott wave/Fibonacci expert on Elliott Wave Trader.

  6. Even though I don’t comment much I always love your videos man, keep up the good work!

  7. Hello there. Question: How does this whole thing with Bitshares works?

    I thought it is like ethereum, where you buy ethereum, you hold it, and someday you can sell it.

    However what about BTS? The other day i deposited some ethereums on the websiteopenledger.ioand i thought that i purchased a fixed amount of Bitshares by doing so, but i realised that was not the case. That day i got 149 BTS, than it went down (147 BTS) and now/currently i have 155 BTS.

    I only want to buy a fixed amount of bishares and that same amount hold for some time (Maybe a couple of years). Is that possible? Just as if i would buy bitcoins or ethereums now and simply hold them. I thought bitshares also worked this way.

    Hvala ti.

  8. +John VanDeusen Edwards
    *>Checked the price lately?*
    Yes it was .75 a year ago and now it’s 3 centi. lol

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