What Hashing is and How Mining WorksBCH Hard Fork Hash War

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U ovom videu, Kunal describes what hashing means in cryptocurrency, what constitutes a hash rate, and how mining works. He explains how hash rate is a determination of productivity, and how processing power is the new currency.
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What Hashing is and How Mining WorksBCH Hard Fork Hash War

22 komentari

  1. I remember when these vidz had thousands of views in 2 zapisnik. now it’s like 60 views lol. crypto is ded. and it needed to die before it grows again so we can get people like suppoman out (same guy that gets paid to shill coins and yelled at his audience for not believing NEO would be a 4 digit coin .. which is 8 dollars now).

  2. hello Altcoin buzz do u heard about Cajutel project during the dump crypto market CAJ price touches the $200 peak. You can check the worldcoindex excahnge for the same

  3. also this guy talking doesn’t know what he’s talking aboutmarket will decide which market will survive”.. UHHHHH NO IT WONT. this is a battle between 2 billionaires who publically said on twitter that they’ll sell all their BTC, down to 1k if need be, to out hash each other.

  4. 2 assholes fighting to centralize a system ment to be decentralized. Easy fix. I boycott both of them

  5. I support these kinds of great projects because of these kinds of project worth great hypeness. Cajutel will give a shot.

  6. John Dow someone is way more upset than they should be.. lol did you buy bitcoin at 7k or long it with 10x leverage? Lol

  7. advanced racer completly agree but maybe call the project something else if you have another vision for it.. why ruin bitcoins reputation

  8. M Tahir everything and everyone will try to piggy back on an established reputation, it’s up to the consumers due diligence to research

  9. You failed to mention the most important point about Proof of Work / rudarstvo – It is dead and the future is Proof of Stake. Maybe you hold many mined coins so are bias, or maybe you are scared that the uneducated bitcoin maximalist’s will rip you apart. kako god, I really thought this channel was about transparency and not hiding things.

    Prior to the Hash war, BTC Whales and pump dump groups brainwashed the sheep to believe the mining was decentralised and more secure. kako god, as you can now clearly see, a coin that can be completely controlled and killed by handful of miners and Whales is not decentralised and it is not secure. osim toga, in the real world, nobody is going to waste half the world energy and high cost to mine something that can be done for free. This is simply business common sense. If you are still too stupid to see coins like XRP are the future, then I can’t help you any more.

  10. pogrešno, this will keep happening, with or without Roger and Craig. The only fix is for people to wake up and realise that XRP or Cardano (NOT PROOF OF WORK) are the future and Bitcoin is just a speculative pump dump coin that the Whales use to get rich from the sheep. BTC hasn’t even got much real life use case.

  11. Great video and very refreshing you didn’t start ranting saying Fakesatoshi bla bla just good content well done thumbs up

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