What Cryptocurrency To Buy in the Bear Market – Kripto Lark Community Chat

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This week we discuss what to buy and how to look for good buys in the bear market. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Sve ovdje izrazio je moje mišljenje, a ne službene investicionog savjetovanja – molim vas da svoju istraživanja prije nego rizikuje svoj novac.

Hvala za gledanje; molim vas volim, pretplatiti, i podijeliti ako smatra da je ova korisna!

Thanks to artists Greet the Mind for this weeks inspired intro track ‘The Dictator Speaks’. You can listen to more of their work and support them here at sound cloud: HTTPS://soundcloud.com/greet-the-mind-music

What Cryptocurrency To Buy in the Bear Market – Kripto Lark Community Chat

23 komentari

  1. Dang, sorry I missed it Lark! So cool to see your channel grow and much appreciated is the information provided in each video!

  2. I love how Lark is talking about his portfolio or projects he is watching.
    Always good to hear the opinion of another cryptomaniac ;)…

  3. Hey you are right abt the Exchange tokens! I was abt to take a break from crypto abt 3 mjesecima ranije, and I saw those exchange token shining while everyone else was down. It’s been pretty good, Bibox for exemple gives abt 20% ROI, paid weekly, which is more then manny masternodes. The only problem is, your token will stay in them exchange.

  4. Mandala is a brutal project, great token metrics, great potentialif i had some free money would go strong therefor now just did the airdrop/bounty stuff, very detail exchange , not compliant for now but they r getting there

  5. Hey Crypto Lark, great content as always dude. 👍😊 Got more Digibyte at 2 centi. It went straight to 2.5 centi – now wanting a correction from that spike so I buy more but I’m 50/50 on which direction it’s going in next. Wish I’d just fully gone for it at 2 centi! 🙈

  6. Spewing I missed the live show.. However thanks very much again Lark for producing quite an informative crypto segment in such a bear market. Love it man 👌🏽

  7. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! All coins what you are mentioned are in my priority list plus Hacken ( HKN) , Smartcash (Smart) , Zeepin )ZPT) , Binance coin (BNB) , ETC and ETH . So many opportunities. Need to x10 my income somehow 🤔( bring x10 more value to people) to invest more in crypto 😜. I really want to retire soon😂.
    Long live the Blockchain! 👍

  8. ADA and ELA!!! I really believe in these projects, the team and the tech.

  9. 16:46 This is truethe best thing you can do in a bear market is dollar cost averageI wouldve been down 60% if I just hodl during itI also made big moves trading one token for another and also holding alot in BNB & HT instead of tethernow i’m only 40% down (well before it started going up this morning 🙂 ) I’m here for the long anyways. Also dont think that you have to make a profit before selling a coin thats going down. You could be buying another thatsmoonin😛 NFA 😛

  10. When they talk about blockchain generations, it’s all pretty arbitrary. Nobody really knows what a blockchain generation is until it is all in the past. Anybody who says they are a X generation blockchain, take it with a grain of salt, that’s just marketing.

  11. Don’t worry we will crash again at 8.000. And if DGB goes to a cent I’m buying it as well.

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