Koji su Ethereum Kitovi Doing na cijenu?

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Ethereum whales have been making interesting moves this year, ICOs are a mixed bag of fiscal responsibility, and addresses increase big time.



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Koji su Ethereum Kitovi Doing na cijenu?

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  1. I moved most of my alts into ADA weeks ago, so I’m just chillin til 2020 haha. Couldn’t be more confident in their ability to get their tech finished and functional. I owned a bit of everything in 2017 and they all did well, but I sleep better at night now knowing my crypto is in the best hands. I’m happy just owning BTC and ADA for now

  2. In the $SUB video, Justin explained that the white paper disclosed SUB would invest a portion of its ICO funds. I haven’t confirmed that statement against the white paper. ali, assuming it’s true, then people who bought SUB tokens shouldn’t be surprised. Not saying I think it’s a good idea, but basic investor due diligence and personal responsibility must be taken into consideration when judging SUB.

  3. Oh no!. First Charles hoskinson and now you. Where Did All The Beards go? I realise that you and Charles are in this space to be more than just eye candy. But still, I am going to miss those furry faces. Hopefully I will see them again soon.
    Crypto and beard enthusiast. 😊

  4. Lol, must have been subliminal from Charles….I was just in front of the mirror and the hair started falling off…..it will be back

  5. I beleive the last 2 years pumps were to generate money for crypto projectsnext pumps will be based on merit. I.e. waves, soon to be cardanothen neo and eth

  6. Babyface Lark in the house. 😎 Interesting how the price never correlates with the faith behind the project by these bag holders. Geez 25% control is a massive position.

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