Weiss Ocjene: Best Cryptos 2019, Brave Update, Binance’s Wallet Adds XLM and More!

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Weiss Crypto Ratings recently released their best cryptocurrencies for 2019. Binance's Trust Wallet announced support for Stellar Lumens. Mattie will also give you the latest from Brave, Fidelity’s Tom Jessop on adoption of cryptocurrencies, Vitalik Buterin, and Why Trump’s Controversial Fed Pick is Massively Bullish for Bitcoin.
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Weiss Crypto Ratings Names the Best Cryptocurrencies in 2019

Weiss Crypto Ratings Names the Best Cryptocurrencies in 2019


“It’s Still Very Much an Early Adopter Market” Says Fidelity’s Tom Jessop

It’s Still Very Much an Early Adopter MarketSays Fidelity’s Tom Jessop

Brave releases new details about its partnership with TAP; reward catalogs and other benefits announced
#Vitalik Buterin Lauds New Brave Browser At Token 2049 Conference, Says Stablecoins Net Positive

Stellar Patched an Inflation Bug and Burned the Resulting 2.25 Billion #XLM: Research
Binance’s Trust Wallet App Adds Support for Stellar Lumen XLM

Why Trump’s Controversial Fed Pick is Massively Bullish for #Bitcoin

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Weiss Ocjene: Best Cryptos 2019, Brave Update, Binance's Wallet Adds XLM and More!

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  1. your videos are always on point! great analysis from every each of you! keep the good work up! 🙂
    can you also evaluate PundiX? You did PundiX six months ago but would like to see if you have an updated view.

  2. Altcoin Buzz Army love and appreciates the consistent updates, thanks, damn really want that Ser Ether Knight 🙃

    Eth/Enjin Address:

  3. velike Video!! Thanks for your daily update. 0x24b9bf577e0e7666168e5ae0a2d8c78efa032f37

  4. Brave browser EATS BATTERY LIFE faster than your overweight girlfriend, I had to stop using it after going to the mac store and asking why my brand new laptop battery was dying in 2 hrs of use….

  5. Always great to watch the update. Thanks Maddy, i hope i got that right this time 😂😂😂

  6. 0x553e1BbFCAAbFe939d584dA1Fa63d27E0c3Bc3e0
    Thank you for the steady stream of content.

    I stopped watching any content from CNN or other Main Stream Media, prije mnogo godina. Just all lies and social engineering. But Altcoin Buzz has become a religious following of mine, since I stumbled over it a few weeks ago.

  7. Anyone used Nexo loans yet? Bloody fantastic, I deposited my three bitcoin, you can then loan up to half the value in usdt or into your bank, if the crypto value rises so does your revolving loan amount, so if your short of cash and don’t wanna lose your crypto incase they rise then this is excellent, with my loan I purchased more BTC so I now have 4.5 BTC instead of 3, it’s 47p (that changes depending how much you borrow) a day, but if you take the small profits then that covers the fees and gives you a profit and in a bull run could seriously earn you so much money!!!!!!!! If you take a £1000 loan, buy £500 more crypto if the value of your crypto goes up say to £3000 then you can simply pay the 500 loan and your also in profit, then your loan amount will increase and repeat the process again!!!! People need to be told about this as they can allow themselves more collateral to get more crypto, or keep their crypto and not miss out in rises if they need some spare cash. I got the usdt in 10mins into binance and was like WOW!!!!! NO CREDIT CHECK your crypto is your asset to secure the loan.

    Also you can keep your crypto in with them without a loan and earn 6.5% p/a but will pay out daily for the amount of time you have your money saving with them.

    If noone is using this and you knew about it your crazy, if you didn’t know about it just DYOR and happy days.

  8. Thanks again Mattie! Definitely getting too political, they need to concentrate on the fundamentals and what’s being built. A great time to be in something so early and just watching the community and tech develop.


  9. I’ve been using the Brave browser on all my devices for over a year now. In my experience, it’s an excellent browser. i, not seeing those ads is huge. 0x30b0A32d9f1745af7B661012dd9eD2039f4b98AB

  10. Hi i want to build a trade set up with 3 monitors but i don’t know what kind a desktop i should get ? My budget is 1100$ pls help me😂

  11. Are you bullish on Dash ? I think I’m going to buy 1 or two more, pogodilo oko 1,500 during last bullrun, Venezuela is or was using it and it’s under $100 now up from 60 a few months ago

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