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U ovom videu, Mattie talks about Warren Buffet and if he suddenly has come to like bitcoin. He also gives you the latest from our community speaks segment, Goldman Sachs and bakkt. Ovo je dnevni segment!
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Warren Buffet LIKES Bitcoin?? + Goldman Sachs TradingToday's Crypto News

24 komentari

  1. FYI…. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns a company that manufactures Bitcoin mining rigs so Warren Buffett cannot be trusted with what he says whatever he says he’s doing the opposite

  2. I think there is a difference in investing in gold and gold mining companies. Buffet investment seems more like gold mining company than gold itself.

  3. Smart investors always spread FUD about what they want to buy the most or while they are stacking that investment.
    Only those looking to sell try to promote it.

  4. Nope dont be fooled Warren Buffett is not Changing his mind he was always pro BITCOIN. it’s just the American greed game to drop the price before they bye. You can see the same technique with the banking institutions IT WAS ALWAYS A PLOY TO DROP THE CRYPTOCURENCIES VALUE BEFORE THEY STARTED BUYING up the market.

  5. Bitcoin is extremely speculative investment. There are better blockchains and bitcoin hasn’t been around a long time. Stocks have shown to grow in value in a long time span.

  6. Buffet troll his nose was always towards bitcoin. He would even invest in turds if he could make mony from it

  7. As a rule of thumbjust do the opposite of what big banks and big investors like Buffet say and you will be doing fine !!!

  8. I know we’re all pro crypto here but let’s not pretend buffet hasn’t been a great investor.

  9. Uhive Social Network is the future, blockchain social networking will rule, not fast transaction speedsseriously think about it.

  10. And remembering how he cornered the US silver market I would think he would love investing in assets that have a very limited supply.

  11. The banks are simply waiting for the old fuddies to pass away from old age so then they will be free to become part of the digital age.

  12. Nice video, I was recommended to a man named Jacob Lowery, y’all must have heard about his commitment. I never knew there were reliable people like him. Investing by myself never profited me, I had to text him on WhatsApp (+19292243708) for help.

  13. Utilizing Xcurrent, which I think is important to note, but still might crossover someday to using XRP

  14. The whole purpose is to have an open Ledger. Origa will eventually run into regulatory issues. It’s a stupid investment I’m surprised you guys are even pushing this.

  15. Tim Donald that’s the name of the man that manages my broker account. His consistency amazes me so well.

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