WanChain ReviewPrivate, Smart, Huge Potential

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Wanchain is so popular right now, in this review we look at their partnerships, discuss what Wanchain does, and give some price potentials.

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WanChain ReviewPrivate, Smart, Huge Potential

29 komentari

  1. Going to be a major pump and dump for this token I’m not touching it until it levels out. People that got into this ICO are looking to make some serious money. The rest of us are looking to get burned. I’m waiting.

  2. Things to note: 1) Wan already has a functioning mainnet, & block explorer. 2) 3 quality ICO’s coming up in a couple of months. 3) Team that has experience in the space 4) Privacy feature. HUGE huge , IMHO. Price wise on listing could go anywhere between $4-$10 and within a year definitely 100X. Pontially 250X in the first year. Will see in ten months time.

  3. This project looks legit but it launches in a bear market where every single coin is tanking big time. Maybe i will get some Wanchain but only if the price is under $1.50, don’t want to be that idiot who pays a premium just so ico holders can make 10/15x gains.

  4. Great as always.
    I have been watching 47 bank move very slowly, although it appears to be an interesting project

  5. Icon did a 100 x increase on it’s ico price. this will be more popular than icon, when released..this can easily do the same. Also Factom at one point went up to 400 times it’s original price, and the same team are largely behind Wanchain. Ian Balina think it could go higher than factom from it’s ico price.

  6. When Wanchain forks Ethereum and Ethereum makes improvements, will Wanchain be behind or just copy paste everything everytime?

  7. This is the 3rd Video of yours that I’ve watched. I like your analyses. Just subscribed to your channel!

  8. I have seen it. If you look into it yourself you will see DJ was involved in those projects, there are videos and pictures to show it. Remember this conversation when FSN is under $5do your own research, read the whitepaper, watch their presentations around the world, see that they are sponsoring events from dubai to MIT in Boston, and Consensustrust that the FSN holders group is growing and our volume has increased almost daily for the last week hitting 4.5 milly. don’t get me wrong there must be a little beef behind the scenes but all the stuff coming out of Vechain and Qtum saying that they have nothing to do with FSN is finethey donttheir boss does hahaha. DJ was instrumental in the early phases of their projects and their is video of their projects featuring DJtheir are pictures of their signing events featuring DJ of Bitseif you are going to deny eating dinner with someone you better delete all the content showing him at your table.

  9. youre awesome dude. been in this space for over a year and just discovered you recently. appreciate your honest no BS opinion without shilling. keep it up, we are watching. and thanku

  10. so what Relio is trying to say isI’m invested in Fusion, not Wan because I was able to afford more Fusion than Wan. Therefore please make me rich and invest in Fusion instead of Wan

  11. Hum Shak wanchain is not on the same level as fusion. I won’t bother writing more but just read through fusion.org man

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