ViaCoin / VIA – Lightning Currency of the Future

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Viacoin has all the right features, can it boom? Let's check it out!

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LTC — LguhPERjTXenBqe5gjaKgJn9CHZmP4AJKw
crtica — XfKcrjBEYyWypNLgZzPtQvwfWWAG9MaZAr
NIJE – Nbouc8cE38LQTMcnAb7oa7J8rqjKrNcxcY
PIVX – DGpxDCjbj6gPChcAi56qXM24qVrCWHpKu8
Ethereum — 0x18BC5a79872115d9b774233A2011b10Ab302Ad24
ANY ERC-20 Tokens (I.E. PAY or OMG) 0x468cB54a3821d8b0129C42Ea6ADf12748d97fD98

odricanje: Sve ovdje izrazio je moje mišljenje, a ne službene investicionog savjetovanja – molim vas da svoju istraživanja prije nego rizikuje svoj novac!

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ViaCoin / VIA – Lightning Currency of the Future

29 komentari

  1. What are you thoughts on 150 million tethers removed from margin markets? How will this affect bitcoin value? Hvala ti

  2. Ayee good to have you cover the most underrated/undervalued coin in the space. takođe, Viacoin will be a top competitor. And when I say top I mean TOP. Also check out Blackcoin if you can.

  3. Yeah man !!!! love your reviews …… point me at a 1,000,000 x please ! (but only me and then others once we’ve brought a bunch!)

  4. Great review again looks like a good long Hodl at that price can you look at PLR PPP and Rippo credit network all look like great early buys and good long term projects

  5. The Crypto Lark they are working on a new website right now. Once that is done and trezor support is finished we will push hard to get more awareness of the coin in the space. The team was more focused on developing than anything else before. A few bitcoin core developers were also working on it in the early days but now an anonymous developer named Romano has taken over.

  6. most definitely most undervalued coin in the market why no youtubers want to cover it so thank you heaps lark! KEEP BUYING AND HODL!!!!!!!!! WILL PASS VERTCOIN AS SOON AS IT GET MORE COVERAGE WITH ALL THE NEW MONEY COMING IN 😀 i wouldn’t be surprised if it passes litecoin by end of next year

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