vrh 10 Cryptocurrencies Under 100 milion

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Today we look at some of the most promising projects under 100 million by market cap and discuss why these projects have good potential moving forward.

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vrh 10 Cryptocurrencies Under 100 milion

26 komentari

  1. GVT tokenomics are insane. Money going in and profits going out all have to pass the GVT token.

  2. POA Network just got added onto Binance. A super high potential ROI crypto. Please do a video on POA Oracles Mr Lark 🙂

  3. Going to be an amazing year for Nexus!! Tritium is right around the corner, followed by rocket launches, satellites, and ground base stations! I can’t believe how cheap it is right now! BTFD guys!!

  4. Thanks Lark!!!!! Bringing the A-Game as always. Oh snap!!! deep brain chain at .07… I’m in.
    -Kilana Kyasuta

  5. Dude, loved you did this Video. A lot of focus on New ICOs & top 100, but there are a plethora of gems in between. Huge fan of GVT & DBC (AI Market in General will be worth watching!!)

  6. In that price range EIDOO has great short/mid term potential I believe. Nexus also awesome.

  7. Hey Lark,
    Got some Genesis, I really like actual projects with feasable future, DGPT has been a very strong coin for me and was the last green standing in the correction……….also like CargoX their team looks formidable.

  8. I’ve got a small piece of SNM and DBC primarily as I intend to contribute to their mainnet. WePower and metal are on my list. Thanks for the heads on on Genesis Vision, like Ethos there is great growth potential in this area.

  9. Love these videos. Helps narrow down candidates for me and others to research. Sure a lot of people do them but yours are different from a lot of others in that 1) you have credibility and 2) you don’t do them so often resulting in recommending everything under the sun.

  10. you say long live block chain? I say long live the crypto Lark that dude talking about crypto currencies online

  11. Excellent video. I was hoping to see Loci coin also, samo 15 million market cap , just got the whole team into the new office and will be ready to start marketing campaign very soon. CEO John Wise just spoke to the Wyoming Senate and helped pass the cryptocurrency bill, yes he has the right connections. Keep up the good work!

  12. Excellent video Lark. I’d like to see a video covering coins with between $10 milion i $50 million market cap, hopefully ALIS will be one of them. I’m not holding it though, but I like the project. 🙂

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