Too Late To Buy QTUM? What’s Fueling The Moonshot?

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With QTUM's recent moonshot, some are wondering if it is already too late to buy QTUM. While that may not be an easy answer, since buying at all-time highs are generally not advisable, maybe this one has some long-term potential.

QTUM is a business-first development platform that is based on the Bitcoin Core technology and integrates the Smart Contract functions of Ethereum. On top of all that (as if that was not already enough) QTUM is also Lightning ready and compatible with SegWit and x86 microprocessors, and it is also built for Proof of Stake mining.

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Too Late To Buy QTUM? What's Fueling The Moonshot?

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  1. hey there can u look into VECHAIN !! it has an amazing product that needs to be talked about please please read this thank you man

  2. huge gains. correction coming sooni missed the boat on this one. congrats to anyone out there who got in early

  3. Check out Gifto 🎁 (GTO) Just listed today on coin market cap and had a huge 24 hour volume.

  4. QTUM sounds like a really good coin to get into, damn I wish I wasn’t in so many coins, I’d get in.

  5. Got 423 QTUM at approx. $9.23 as the ERC20, then swapped them into mainnet. I like the proof of stake. Not selling anytime soon. Let it ride.

  6. Steve, I’m not going to Shill. You want to look at something that could move expediently very soon?



  7. And it was 10.20 only a few days ago when I bought 100 of them on your advise. (it was on the dip).

  8. I was in and literally it most have been that night before I went to sleep I sold and traded for something else thinking I had time to come back lol

  9. If it really becomes a big platform you didn’t miss the boat, imagine a price of 3000$ now the 10$ u 50$ moonshot seems small compared to 50$ u 3000$. Get on board.

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