Too Late To Buy Power Ledger Before 2018?

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An exciting new cryptocurrency, focused on decentralized energy and smart energy for the future allows you to earn money for your Solar Power on your rooftop. Located in Freemantle, Australija .

Too Late To Buy Power Ledger Before 2018?

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  1. I bought Powerledger at ICO stage and now sitting on around 12,000 😉 this will be huge and a game changer! Next big crypto!

  2. I bought a measly $25 @ $0.22, it was the only coin i was holding that was steadily increasing, i was waiting for it to drop or at least stop so i could load up but it just kept climbing.
    I loaded up at the dip, ill be loading up again at the next one

  3. agree, its a 1-2B MC most likely by EOY.. i quadrupled down at $.75-78.

    ETHEREUM CLASSIC IS 1.75 B L o L c’mon folks the best new project since OMG with real world application.. this is a no-brainer IMO.

  4. Hi Crypto Daro, Would you please instruct me how to buy POWR..
    I needed to start from scratch
    Thank for your help.

  5. Power Ledger is a dumb idea, Power Ledger only works by taking the data recorded by existing retailers and then bills peoplesomething retailers already do. As for trading power….electrons are used first come first served, we already allow you to trade your power with your neighbour, any excess solar generation is already recorded, and already feed by a P2P network (The grid) to the closet load (Generally your neighbour). Nothing about Power Ledger is unique, nothing about it is new, nothing about it can’t be done with the introduction of a new network tarrif

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