TomoChain ICO – blok Chain, novčanik, and Social App

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The team at Tomochain are having an ICO for the blockchain which is delivering a social media app and powerful wallet as first iterations of what Tomo has to offer.

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TomoChain ICO – blok Chain, novčanik, and Social App

23 komentari

  1. Your the best Lark!! Hopefully us in the U.S. get to partake soon in these, mighty fine looking ICO’s you’ve been covering lately.

  2. Hi thanks for all ur hard work! It’s really amazing!
    What do u think of Cryptaldash ICO’s?

  3. So many of these about now days. Makes me think of Eidoo. Worth getting the free tokens when they drop, but otherwise I will pass. Great interview, well balanced as always.

  4. The best reviews! Can you look at Blockport (BPT)? Don’t think they’re a superstar project just yet but they’re highly undervalued and under the radar

  5. Tier one for our Lark 😀
    da, definitely an interesting project! Same thoughts on the POC model. But on the other hand through POC they can make sure that they have investors who know about the project somethingOn the other hand they start with a smaller coin spread around the community which will need a lot of sellers to get tomocoin spread around in the crypto space.

  6. 62K subscribers and growing, it was just under 20K in Dec. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered you a TV show in the near future.

  7. My top 6 kovanice. What do you think of them?
    1. ICX
    2. NEO
    3. WTC
    4. BNB
    5. O moj Bože
    6. ENJ

    BTC anyway! 😉

  8. Thank you Lark very much for all this info on every single project out there. You are the huge time saver. And time is money my friend.

  9. Just looking into this project now. Looks promising. Around ICO price now too with bear market!

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