Tomochain, Ethereum, vrh 5 Cryptos and More with Dr. Long Vuong

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Tomochain is one of the most interesting projects to come out of Vietnam. We met with the founder of Tomochain, doktor. Long Vuong also co-founded NEM blockchain and asked him more about the developments, updates, his favorite cryptocurrencies and more.

The video was shot in September 2018 at Consensus Singapore.

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Tomochain, Ethereum, vrh 5 Cryptos and More with Dr. Long Vuong

20 komentari

  1. 0:09 What Is Tomochain?
    0:41 How Is Tomochain Different From Ethereum?
    1:39 Many Masternode Projects Are Not Performing Well. Why Will Tomochain Succeed?
    2:27 Projects From Asia/Se Asia Have Not Been Able To Market Themselves Well. Can You Market Better Than Ethereum?
    3:13 Many Blockchain Project Now Claim To Have Million TPS. How To You Think Tomochain Competes With These?
    4:22 What Types Of Partnerships And Dapp Development Is Tomochain Going To Have?
    5:26 Tell Us A Bit More About The Competition Tomochain Has In The Crypto Space, And How Are You Different?
    6:17 What Are Your Biggest Challenges With Business And Marketing?
    7:41 What Does Tomochain Mean?
    8:05 What Real World Partnerships Does Tomochain Have And Are Looking For?
    8:55 What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Cryptocurrencies?
    10:09 Will Tomochain Be A Privacy Coin?
    10:30 Are You Still Involved With NEM?
    10:54 How Does Tomochain Compare With NEM?
    11:25 How Big Is Your Team And What Do Some Of The Key Members Do?
    12:11 Why Do You Think There Are So Many Scam Projects Coming Out Of Vietnam?
    12:59 When Did Tomochain Do The ICO And What Was The ICO Price?
    13:22 Why Should We Be Excited About Tomochain?
    14:11 What Is Evm?
    14:51 Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And The Origin Of Tomochain?

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  3. The real question is when are they going to create a wallet that supports a Ledger Nano S or a Trezor? Because I looked through their website and couldn’t find anything about a wallet support

  4. I want to invest in TomoChain but I’m not gonna leave my funds on the exchange if I can’t transfer it to my ledger lol. Specially that KuCoin exchange.. sketchy

  5. I keep mine on my ledger. They are also partnered with Midas protocol which is arguably the best wallet in crypto atm

  6. Nothing spells SUCCESS like a CEO wearing ratty old jeans and a T shirt hocking his wares at a major international concerence.. Pffft.

  7. Hey AB when you get a chance can you look in to The Webchain Network?
    Super under the radar cause there was No ICO. 100x IMO

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