Robinhood App – How to Earn Great Monthly Income with these Dividend Stocks!

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Robinhood App – How to Earn Great Monthly Income with these Dividend Stocks!


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

26 komentari

  1. I personally don’t see GOOD growing anytime soon. Zapravo, I find it quite risky considering its payout ratio 96.8%.

  2. Keep those monthly dividends coming bro….do any dividends aristocrats pay monthly?

  3. GOOD has maintained it’s dividend payout of 0.125 za 8 years straight. I don’t see it crashing.

  4. Stephanie Mitchell I’m not worried about it crashing. I just don’t see any growth potential

  5. I’m fine with a consistent dividend. All my stocks don’t have to have growing dividends. $1.50 per year for 8 years at current price of $21.50 is good. If the stock price goes down, I can buy more shares.

  6. Hey a dumb question to ask. Is it possible to take the devidends out without selling the stocks? if so, how do you do that?

  7. Yovani H. I think it’s because the app is on his phone and he probably only stretch it out so much before it becomes too pixelated to read

  8. Cap rates are at an all-time low (market peak) u trenutku. whereas debt costs are rising. stoga, GOODs leadership indicated on their Q4 earnings call that they will have a hard time buying assets in 2018 as sellers expect to receive the current low cap rates while debt costs, especially if using variable rate debt, su porasle. This has caused their stock price to drop from $23 u $17, as investors have determined that GOOD will not be able to find many accretive deals going forward given their cost of equity has risen dramatically with the drop in common share price, which is the primary, and their preferred method, of raising capital to acquire new assets. If their common is paying out at 8.7% and debt costs are rising, it causes them to be much less competitive when bidding on new assets, as smaller individual buyers of these $5 u $20 million properties are willing to buy at lower initial cap rates whereas GOOD is forced to make a bid subject to the more expensive debt and equity (they have to get a lower initial price/higher initial yield (going in cap rate) in order for the acquisition to make sense for their shareholders (i.e. translate into accretive NOI growth going forward). Hope that helps, to all of you people who didn’t study finance, and who are asking very stupid questions.

  9. yes you can transfer the money to your bank any time the process might take few days but yeah. I hope this answers your question

  10. I spoke to Chase Manhattan bank and a few other Banks and investing firms and they confirm that none of these apps should have your bank account and password which they’re all asking for don’t give it to him they don’t need it you can buy these Bitcoins or anything else that you’re buying with a Visa Mastercard or with a bank transfer that does not give them access to taking all of the funds out of your bank

  11. Crickett Green It’s to move money from your bank account to Robinhood or vice versa. It’s quick and easy. I’ve heard no one complain about their money with this apps.

  12. They are just saying that because Robinhood is disrupting the industry and those BIG banks and investing firms want you to invest your money with THEM. Not Robinhood.

  13. nice. can you talk about YYY CEFL SDIV REM this are high income Etf. dont know alot about them i just know they pay really good divindents. help

  14. I just watching this on a smart tv because If I get to read it on my phone I’ll be needing stronger glasses

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