Robinhood App – 5 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever!

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HTTPS:// = 8


HTTPS:// = = hr

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Žir Download Linkovi:


HTTPS:// = 8


HTTPS:// = = hr&gl = us

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JA SAM ni na koji način na tržištu PROFESIONALNE; Koristite svoje PRESUDA prilikom kupovine akcije i DRUGI NAČIN. Nisam odgovoran ZA I Dobici ili gubici na koje možete naići.

Tržište je inherentno RISKY, I TREBA SAMO INVEST ONO ŠTO su potpuno spremni da IZGUBITI.

Robinhood App – 5 Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever!


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

25 komentari

  1. Can you make a video for beginners explaining vocab terms, I only want to make 3 trades a week to avoid the pattern day trader rule. Pretty much a very basic vid please very simplified haha! Great vid btw just subscribed.

  2. +firstofftech Sure, I’ll do that! Hvala za gledanje.

  3. TechCrackHouse / Robinhood App Support Group thanks a bunch, throw in some tips too!

  4. Hvala ti! The new video did in fact give me a look at a few stocks to check out, that I obviously didn’t know of before (besides GE.) Now besides Reality Income Delaware sparking my interest the most. What company I’ve looked at all day today as a new guy along with my friend was YGE (Yingli Green Energy Holding Comp.) After our obligations we sat down to ‘studyour first company. Basically just watched how the graphs were being effected real time, doing some Yahoo/Google searches on what could have sparked the rise, and all that newbie stuff. Like looking into management and stuff. I’m mainly in this not for just saving money, but as a hobby. All this is really interesting and your channel along with some podcasts I’ve found. Have been the most informative. Thank you once again 😀

  5. Hey crackhouse would you mind recording on your phone maybe in portrait mode it’s kind of hard to read the content on the screen. I actually follow Robinhood portfolio as well and it’s much easier to follow what he’s talking about. just a thought love the vids

  6. I believe so, as long as you are registered in a country with robinhood access.

  7. I believe Anheuser Bush was in Milwaukee Wisconsin for years but recently (2016) got sold overseasgo figure.

  8. Hi I’m just made my robinhood account and i learned a lot from your videos. i’m trying to find some of the pot stocks in robinhood but it’s not showing up. Do you think the reason for not seeing the stocks is because they need to approve my account.

  9. Theangeldiamondz CARA CRBP GWPH IGC IIPR INSY XXII ZYNE. All the rest are OTC Pink sheet stocks that can’t be bought on Robinhood. I bought a few through Tradeking but there’s a $100 minimum for penny stock and $.02 charge per stock under $2. No Canadian ones allowed on Tradeking, some Marijuana stocks can’t be purchased on the Tradeking website- you must call in your order. They charge $4.95 per trade but offer a $100 broker fee credit for new users. Mine expires for me April 14th, I opened my account in January. Hopefully more will be added to Robinhood soon, please let me know if I missed any!

  10. Sheila Rabant Thank you so much. I was thinking about using another trading app thinking it was the app. I’m just freshly new into all of this and hopefully I’ll learn something new to all of this.

  11. how long can i hold the stocks for? Does robinhood charge for holding for a week or so?

  12. ej, TechCrackHouse thanks for the Vid. I’m a beginner in investing in stocks. I’ve been doing research and found about 25 classic stocks that interest me and I plan to buy and hold forever. my questions isis it wise to hold 25 zalihe? It sounds like a lot right?

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