Monetary Freedom & Unleashing Blockchain’s Power with Galia Benartzi – EOS, Ethereum, Tron, Bancor

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Galia of Bancor and I discuss EOS, Tron, monetary freedom, token economies, Kenya, and much more. LINKS for more INFO
Tribute to Bernard Lietaer: HTTPS://
Bernard's site:
Grassroots Economics info: HTTPS://
Izlaziti s, five village-level tokens (each integrated with the Bancor Protocol) have been launched in the following communities:
Nairobi AreaKawangware, Kibera and Kangemi
Coastal AreaBangladesh and Kwa Ng'ombe
We’re at the early stages of rolling out the Bancor Wallet to these communities, allowing businesses and community members to transact in these tokens. We’re at about 1000 wallets now, and growing by about 100 wallets per week. Users are able to transact from non-smartphones without needing Internet access (more info: HTTPS:// & HTTPS://

Galia and Will Ruddick (Grassroots’ co-founder) recently presented Sarafu at the United Nations’ session on Blockchain for Sustainable Development, where they also shared the pilot’s 2019 impact goals:
Launch Liquid Community Currencies in 40 new communities across Kenya & Uganda.
Activate wallets for 100,000 business owners across communities with over 400,000 total people.
Facilitate over $5.5 million in community-level volume to help close the gap for key Sustainable Development Goals.
More info in Bancor’s November progress update, including visualization of live transactions grouped by product/service category (rent, hrana, itd): HTTPS://

A few more links you may find interesting:
Trading the first tomatoes on the blockchain: HTTPS://
Village market simulation w/ Bancor Protocol: HTTPS://
Interview with Will Ruddick: HTTPS://
Bancor's vision for community currencies: HTTPS://
Paper by Bernard Lietaer (co-creator of the euro & BProtocol Foundation President) on Unconditional Income Tokens based on Bancor Protocol: HTTPS://
LiquidApps announcement: HTTPS://

Galia on TED – HTTPS://
Bancor – HTTPS://

objelodanjivanje: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, snimanje i objavljivanje u obrazovne svrhe. osim toga, I do not hold any Bancor tokens.


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Monetary Freedom & Unleashing Blockchain's Power with Galia Benartzi – EOS, Ethereum, Tron, Bancor


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

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  1. Crypto lark do you own any cardano? And what is you opinion about cardano? As always great video keep up the good work thumbs up👍👍👍👍

  2. zdravo! da, I do own Cardano, I am a fan of the project and I am very excited about the potential of Cardano to produce a top tier blockchain.

  3. Yeah, Galia is an amazing source of knowledge, I remember I saw a TED talk with her about a year ago or so, it was a real honor to have her on the channel

  4. Nice to see EOS finally getting some love. Gosh, people really are tribalistic. I love EOS and Ethereum and both are amazing in their own way.

  5. wow! Thanks so much for bring us this interview with Galia, Lark. So much great info, I have a new found respect for what Bancor is doing, Especially that project in Kenya.

  6. 13:30 the scripted line ‘will be where most things are exitingthen the lark look of hmmm interesting, please spill the beans 🙂

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  8. Thanks Professor Lark, your educational channel is getting better , more relevant and more informative.

  9. +The Crypto Lark well thats a given that you are putting out great info. i watch all your videos for that reason and bancor looks really good, a possible 100x but aside from that Galia is really beautiful and obviously really smart

  10. +A n g e l o you know those right wingers say that liberals just look for something to be offended over, dont prove them right. i consider myself a feminist so i dont cat call women or make rude comments. so anyway we are all on the same team unless you like BCH then…..idk

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