Mithril/Binance Vote Drama & Blockchain Babies – Bitcoin & kriptovaluta News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newscrypto statistics, crypto political stances, Mithril Binance vote drama, more hacks, Hashflare is back, and blockchain babies.

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Brits Love Crypto

izvještaj: 3 Million Brits Invested in Crypto via Exchanges, Few Sought Advice

Crypto Politics

Left, Right and Center: Crypto Isn’t Just for Libertarians Anymore



ICO Platform Promises Full Refund Following $7 Million Hack


Hackers Attack Compromises Ethereum Block Explorer Site


Bitcoin North Africa

Huge Wind Farm to Power Bitcoin Mining Will Be Built in North Africa

Blockchain Baby



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Mithril/Binance Vote Drama & Blockchain Babies – Bitcoin & kriptovaluta News


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

28 komentari

  1. Haha, “investitora”. I’m going to the bank and ask them to help me buy some BTC.
    I’ve never liked political labels or ists and isms. Really a turn off. Thanks as always for your updates. 🙂

  2. Mithril should focus on improving their app first before spending money on cheating. They’re planning to disrupt IG yet a simple upload from gallery they cant fix. Also they could have use clearpoll if they want no manipulation.

  3. 😂 Clueless legacy is so damn proud of their of their 1% annum offerings for holding our $25K. Binance voting issue is not surprising; always a way to take advantage when money is involved. Geezthey’re hacking now! Always entertaining and informative Lark. Aloha and Aveo!

  4. Haha, banks are hilarious when you really step back and look at their business model

  5. Has anyone noticed that the xrp community is turning into the kkk of crypto? There is this jungle inc channel and its kind of concerningi hope this doesn’t become a trend we are all in this together.

  6. Lark You are the most positive and best crypto youtuber considering your regularity,There are not much youtuber who post regularily in the bear market but the effort you putting into will pay you a lavish reward,Good job mate,keep doing hard work,I’m glad to be a part of team cryptolark,We will survive this bs bear period together and this tunnel of darkness will end soon and we will witness the bulls again,To the moon,for sure Bitcoin will always be the king

  7. Love your videos, Lark. Maybe your new character can get a spot in a Simpsons episode.

  8. Maria Ritchie same here, lol, I dropped Crypto Future, Cryptoverse, Crypto Daily and recently IvanOnTech. Although I might re-subscribe on IvanOnTech.

  9. When my dad came to his financial advisor at Morgan Chase they had no clue what to do. Told him it’s too volatile. You know they always have to separate us. Better to keep us separated by showing our few differences. Then unite everyone by showing all of us that we share the same problems.

  10. I love your sunny disposition 🙂 it’s rather addictive in a world where most people are fake happy and sad ; Still the best on youtube for me. Always you always do your best to be accurate and fair on your reporting>>no hype.. Tis why I keep coming back for CryptoLark. Love the show !

  11. I’m a libertarian leftist or a social Democrat and I’ve been knowing cryptocurrency is the future.

  12. Hiya Lark I haven’t commented in a while so just thought I would leave a few words. Great video as always, still here, still watching and still enjoying your insight into crypto and other things. Keep up the good work buddy. See you again soon 👍🏻

  13. The Crypto Lark glad to know you are always here creating superb content too mate

  14. Great vid Lark.. I am one of the 2.5 million whom did not seek professional finacial advice.. Although i did do hours and hours of my own research.. Hence my nexus position!! Keep them coming dude!

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