How Low Can Bitcoin Price Go? China’s Secret Crypto Love! Australia’s War on Cash.

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How low can the price of Bitcoin go? Does it even matter? China secretly love Bitcoin. Australia's war on cash. Nash launch date.
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How Low Can Bitcoin Price Go? China's Secret Crypto Love! Australia's War on Cash.

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Stvorili Sara Bauer i Richard Abermann

38 komentari

  1. Buy and hold. This is as one person stated, “a once in a species opportunity”. I have been tripping over Bitcoin for ten years, and finally, duh. Like uh is this maybe like Apple was in the eighties? This is pattern changing. Do not miss out.

  2. 💛💚🧡💚 My friends: The reason why Bank of China had positive tone on Bitcoinis because all Chinese entities are encouraged to support U.S. Dollar rival commodities. Bitcoin is one of the U.S. Dollar rivals..alternatives..competitors. 💛💚🧡💚

  3. Speaking of banks, what became of JP Morgan and that mountain of cocaine? Maybe they plan on converting it to Bitcoin.

  4. I don’t really care what happens to the price in the short run. Crypto is here to stay and Bitcoin is the lead. A small investment today will be appreciated in the next few years. Patience is king.

  5. Ive been watching your channel for a long time man, but this year you really upped the quality of your content, good work.

  6. Don’t put price into headlinewill be instantly out of datein either direction

  7. Cool comment!! Really like it! 😀 So lets say there will be Trillions of humans to live on this planet, we are among the lucky 7.7 Billion thats here when the most real money is invented

  8. By me it could stay with 8k euros(or less) price until next yearthat way I can buy more and accumulate as much as possible for the future

    Sadly I cant get 1BTC just for my self at this point, but will try to get as much as I can xD

    then it can explode 😀

  9. Don’t forget Australia also passed ‘bail-inlaws last year which ensures the banks will remain liquid in the event of a future financial crashby seizing their customers funds.

    I recently went to the bank to withdraw a few thousand dollarsan absolutely pitiful amount when you consider how much money they have to play with.

    The teller grumpily said ‘You should have given us warning! we cant just give you that much money on the spot!’ Wow really? It’s my money!

    I think they have had so much power for so long they forgot they are there to provide a service to customers, whom they are privileged to have, not slave chattel.

    The banking royal commission definitely helped to expose a lot of bad practices, gotta give the government some credit for that.

  10. I do not like communists because of their bloody past in peace time (killing more civilians than in the two WW combined) and their pushing the population into poverty.
    But these latest news regarding their attitude towards Bitcoin may change my mind.

    Anyhow, they may have other plans with crypto. I fear that they would like to use the blockchain to chain us, to monitor us 24/7 (same goes with 5G…) .
    mi, each of us, has to do everything possible to ensure that Bitcoin will stay a free currency, free from the politicians, regardless of the directioneast, west, north or south.

  11. The realm of global banking and fiat. The sun never sets on their dominion. And where is the capital? Isn’t London considered the financial capital of the world? Makes me wonder

  12. @TheFinnmacool yeah, I get the feeling sometimes that the comments section is just one big circle jerk. Not sure what is reality sometimes

  13. @Seb Joseph
    I only lurk to keep the crazies in check. There’s so much bad information out there and when you couple it with intellectual bankruptcy and laziness you get people doing VERY stupid things.

    I really don’t care if people own crypto but to own crypto and bash silver and gold and own no stocks……..well maybe you’re not as informed as one might think.

    GL Seb

  14. Can’t believe anyone who understands BTC would even look at the USD price (which is meaningless)…. it’s all about how many satoshi’s you have. Everything else is noise!…. damn even Iran has figured this out!

  15. That news on China will be found to be fake. China would never get behind Bitcoin and all the banks are state run.Bitcoin is everything the Chinese aren’t

  16. i m french yellow vest and i stamp the banknotes with bitcoin is betterand we get a group also …. yellow vest all over the worldtake care brothers

  17. @Lynn Wood No problem 🙂 if you’ve heard the term ‘Hodlers of last resortthat’s also him.

  18. Lol, probably not much, just like their other fraud losing one shipment is just the cost of doing business. I didn’t see any news stories about a second shipment detained……….and you know there wasn’t just one

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