EnjinBringing Gaming to Ethereum

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Simon from Enjin and I discuss the power of bringing gaming to the blockchain via Ethereum.

objelodanjivanje: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, snimanje i objavljivanje u obrazovne svrhe. osim toga, Ja trenutno nisu uložili u ovaj projekat, ali mogu razmotriti taj način u budućnosti.

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EnjinBringing Gaming to Ethereum

40 komentari

  1. I have been gaming all my life and will continue to do so,hopefully this turns out great.i have never bought any cryptocurrencies before but i have used faucets to get some for free.

  2. Since you are a gamer I am sure you can understand the power of what Simon was discussing, very exciting for the future of the industry

  3. If some particular projects built on Ethereum take off eventually can they overtake it in value or would Ethereum always have more value?

  4. Interesting question, certainly possible. For example if a future company like Apple decided to make their stocks a crypto asset then it may indeed have a larger value than the ETH networkand it would not add a great deal of value to the network as stocks don’t change hands as often and dividend payments don’t happen very frequently. However if we sawa future facebook on Ethereum then it would add massive value to the network in terms of network fees…….it would be more speculative if a project like this would overtake Ethereum in marketcap as the crypto asset itself would need to massive and have some compelling use cases. However we are only looking at at two companies here, assumedly a future Ethereum will have thousands of companies tokenized on it and thousands of dapps from social media to gambling to gaming to identity and beyond. All of this together makes the network effect huge and hard for any one project to overcome. Certainly great food for thought though

  5. +The Crypto Lark Thanks for taking the time Lark, i’m a slow learner so didn’t know if it was a silly question. 🙂

  6. Good idea however i would not invest in projects like ENJ or BAT. I would rather buy just Ethereum(it will give me more gains long term). Do not see why their coin value would go up long term. Ethereum market cap could be in multi trillions if they resolve their scalabilityit is like investing in internet in 90s

  7. Bloody annoyed I didn’t invest in this at all time low when I first read about the project. Fast forward and more research over the last month or so and I’m now invested for long term. 👍

  8. This comment is funny.. you can tell you’ve done no research.. if you build a game ON TOP of the block chain it will be rathertrashif you build a game an put just the items, accessories etc on the block chain then the game is as good as the developer makes it.

  9. Perhaps I’m getting old and irrelevant but encouraging kids to trade game assets and taking a cut everytime they do seems a little exploitative. Some assets ( sprites) will be created extra rare just to make them more sought after etc. itd. Everyone living in a VR world while the devs buy up beach front real estate yay. Going for my nanny nap now.

  10. Epic and EA will jump on the bandwagon faster than we all think. They will just mine the items themselves then sell them in game and layer trading fees on top of that

  11. I got into it one and a half year ago! Super happy about what Enjin is doing to bring mass adoption in blockchain gaming.

  12. +The Crypto Lark He has no reasons! A short vision is what he has.

  13. Check out 9lives arena, age of rust, cats in mech. Or a bunch of other enjin games. Games being built on real game engines using 1155 assets and some cross collaboration between the devs. Gonna be some new age gaming.

  14. Hi Ant Man, I’m also genuinely trying to figure out how the ENJ coin will continue to increase in value, especially in comparison to something like ETH. Is there a resource or some other materials to which you could point me? Thx much.

  15. Ant Man not saying that it is a bad coin. Just trying to speculate how coins like enj will go up in value. Thats it. I just do not see any value for investorsRegardless it will change the gaming ecosystem. Maybe you have more information than me if yes, please try to explain and change my mind.

  16. There is a finite amount of Enjin tokens, developers need to mint them into game items in order to use the enjin tech and multigame verse. The more games in the ecosystem and the more games minting items the rarer the tokens become and the higher the value of the tokens remaining on exchanges

  17. It is a big ideea, but they can be forgoten if one of the big players choose to copy/paste theyr tech

  18. Maybe but Unity is working with Enjin, and Cocos is launching their owntogether those developer communites account for more than half of all games developed. There is less incentize to copy paste versus adopt IMO

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