BREAKING: SEC Cracks on Altcoins | Mark Cuban on BTC | Cardano, Electroneum, Binance | Bitcoin News

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The SEC cracks on altcoins and files an emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum to stop spending millions in ICO money. Mattie will also give you the latest news from Electroneum, Cardano, and the Litecoin dusting attacks that are taking place on Binance. In other news, Mark Cuban talks about bitcoin and even compares it to gold.
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Mark Cuban Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Billionaire Mark Cuban Compares Bitcoin to Gold

Daedalus wallet 0.14.0, #Cardano 1.6 release, is now out


Electroneum: ‘towards mainstream adoption in Brazil’

Electroneum: ‘towards mainstream adoption in Brazil

SEC files an emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum to stop spending millions of dollars in ICO money

SEC files emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum to stop spending millions of dollars in ICO money

#Binance #Litecoin Customers Being Targeted By Dusting Attacks

Binance Customers Being Targeted By Dusting Attacks

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BREAKING: SEC Cracks on Altcoins | Mark Cuban on BTC | Cardano, Electroneum, Binance | Bitcoin News

37 komentari

  1. Who do you think could hit a dollar first VET, or ETN? Thanks for the videos as always AB!

  2. When Blocknet multi wallet come everybody should jump their exchange!! That way no one’s property is owned by a third party! Changes everything

  3. Thanks for ETN coverage, no ones else is covering and one of the few projects that are constantly growing

  4. ETN top top top! Proud supporter of the team, really splendid project truly remarkable how easily useable it is

  5. Great content as ever, Electroneums Partnership opens the doors for millions of users. Once the ecosystem starts to unravel it will be even more exciting🌍

  6. Good thing that $Dusk is #compliant and will launch #STO so if anything Dusk Network is going to moon shot compared to the rest of the market alts 🙌🏼🔥🚀

  7. Down 21% on the Brazil news in eight days. That means holders are dumping. This does nothing to give ETN value.

  8. The price isn’t growing. Holders have been dumping since South Africa. Escalated since Brazil.

  9. You should light candles at pray at your Ells alter that ETN ever reaches a penny. Lost 21% on the Brazil news.

  10. @Kent Mccroskey im only holding vet just wondering about ETN. VET has the biggest potential IMO

  11. @Tony C Stark please do your own research . People have coins they like or don’t but do your own research ETN fan

  12. Cuban, Buffet and O’Leary are Fiat maximalist. They won the game with fiat so why believe in anything else? However I bet they all own some bitcoin.

  13. @Dr Shepard Point out some coins that have recently gotten deals with an opening to millions of users and began to tank the same day, then lose 20% u 8 dani.

  14. Always great content from you! Nice heads up about Electroneum and pleased they are doing so well!

  15. I’m not selling at these prices. people who sold at 13k-want to buy back in. and the mind plays tricky games, we get bearish and with fear when prices go down and thats good time to buy not to sell. so don’t trust whales and don’t trust your feelings.Enjoy the ride!…….. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Rupica’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on Email @Rupicapuri05 or Telegram @Rupicapuri. WhatsApp +1.919-391-8034

  16. i made 3 bitcoin from this strategy last month , i guess i will make twice as much this month

  17. We are going above 12k but I agree, probably not much further. My upside target max is 12.6k so once we get above 12k, my stops will be moving way up

  18. Bitcoin will NOT close any higher than $12,299 before we drop. Based on a 3 day chart, it can’t go higher than that right now. Rekavši to, I have no idea how low the drop will be. It will drop lower than our recent low of $9,049, but the exact bottom is unknown at this point. I believe the drop will start after we finish the current 3 day candle on August 7th.

  19. Pick up some MITX while you still can. Chainlink partnership in the bag and more major announcements to come! Only the strongest alts will survive. Look for solid fundamentals to support your speculation.

    Morpheus Labs combines it all!

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