Bitcoin & kriptovaluta News – New Ad Ban, IBM Token on Stellar, & Japan Blockchain Veggies

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsBing gets on the crypto ban band wagon, IBM launches first token on Stellar, Japan using blockchain for organic vegetables, Ethereum classic lab launches, and Icon gets a big partner.

Bing bans crypto ads

IBM Stellar Lumens

Japanese Veggies on the Blockchain


Federal Reserve


Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!


Ethereum Classic Labs Officially Launched!


Crypto Watch

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Bitcoin & kriptovaluta News – New Ad Ban, IBM Token on Stellar, & Japan Blockchain Veggies

25 komentari

  1. Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established dollar, and everything becomes chaos. Bitcoin is an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!”

  2. Do you see crypto transforming society? I.e. elimination of corruption, improved/fairer trade and the employment sector.

  3. Just boycott Bing (if you use it). James Ballard from Federal Reserve Bank comment about biggest dilemma since 1830’s talk about trying to create FUD.

  4. Thank you as always, Crypto Lark, for your continued effort and information. You’re doing excellent work!

  5. I told you Stellar was awesome.. Just like you my man. All my hope is on Stellar, rođaci, Tron, Cardano, XVG, AGI, YYWW; all underpriced coins that if they deliver 100x it will be okay I’ll take 1000x too lol ETH 0x9c8dC700473D5E8Ad8A00b347424D139DA103587

  6. Idc what anyone says, no one uses bing. Lol. Liked idec if you say you use bing- no you don’t.😂

  7. The way you bring your video’s, inspire me! Keep up the good work. Thanks again for all your vids!

  8. Hi Mr Lark i am just dusting off the DOGHOUSE, bloody dog spends more time in the house than me & he gets treats.
    I get a WTF are you doing now with crypto now, where’s the LOVE i ask. NO treat’s for me. Just looking on Ebay for bigger dog house with wifi.Got to love Crypto i now have a lot of me time, always a upside.

  9. Lark you should know that my husband now refers to you as my “ best friend”😂

  10. Have you done a review of Datarious Credit yet bro? DTRCIt’s on the Bancor Network. Love the project!

  11. Triple M radiostation in Australia has been playing coinspot ads this week. So they’re branching out!

  12. This ad ban stuff is becoming a bit of a thorn even if barely anyone uses that platform other than Windows live phone users. Otherwise just another day on the crypto coaster. I’m surprised you have a hard time finding organics in your area. Well considering a dollar is only worth less than 3 cents of it purchasing power since then. They should be scared.😆

  13. So excited for Organic Food on the Blockchaingreat use case. Thanks for keeping us current news wise Lark.

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