BITCOIN BULLISH! WEAK HANDS ARE OUT | Institutional Money | vrh 5 2019 Cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin advocate, Peter Brandt, a veteran trader, believes that there won’t be another significant price dip for BTC. tako, the opportunity is gone. In a recent interview, he expounded on his vision of the price of Bitcoin. He thinks that even though many people are skeptical, the floor has already been hit. This means that BTC/USD has reached the bottom. “They all now want to sit and buy a break back to $6,000 ili $5,000 and they’ve missed the bottom — and during that bottom, I think you had a lot of people accumulate with strong hands,” he summarized.

Grayscale a well-known institutional investment firm in the cryptocurrency space revealed that institutional investment into crypto skyrocketed in 2019. posebno, Grayscale recorded inflows of more than $600 miliona 2019, which is more than the inflows from 2013 through 2018 combined.

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Vote between Vechain, Electroneum, Tomochain,, Enjin for our next deep dive

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BITCOIN BULLISH! WEAK HANDS ARE OUT | Institutional Money | vrh 5 2019 Cryptocurrencies

23 komentari

  1. Congrats, Mpk, enjoy your Zeus! A deep dive into and also Synthetix would be great.

  2. I agree with those articles. The bottom was in. The previous bear market it was around 3k this bear market it was around 6kish. That’s extremely positive. Plus think about what you can buy with crypto now. Bitpay, Starbucks, New Subaru’, Giftcards……

  3. The crypto that will really get mass adoption shortly. Look no where else but electroneum. Mass adoption means being used in the real world by millions of users. Electroneum is the answer.

  4. Really wish I sold my position so could get back in on the dip that happened this morning. Sad times.

  5. Mode Liquid Apps please, they are going to HUGE! They’re doing Oracles, IPFS Storage, Inter-Blockchain Communication, CHILD CHAINS, and a lot more.

  6. Awesome to see you talk about LiquidApps. I’ve been following them as well. The most exciting project in all of crypto IMO. Would absolutely love a deep dive on it!!!

  7. male/mail their/there too/to buy/by one/won …. spelling is a form of communicationno one is perfect

  8. I realize for many EOS is polarizing. To je rekao, after researching all of these blockchain 3.0 chains, EOS is way ahead and it’s not close.

    Folks, DAPP is the whole EOSio ecosystems layer 2 solution for interoperability, storage, account creation and more. a $4 Billion dollar tech company who created the EOSio software will be launching their next generation social network on EOSio tech this yearit’s called Voice. This is your heads up to get in on DAPP while it’s pennies. This will be worth more than Chainlink in the near future.

  9. Reminder of good news for Bitcoin and Łitecoin, SPEDN app is now integrated with @NCRCorporation They are one of the largest point of sale companies in the WORLD!!! #MassAdoption

  10. so blessed I am now able live my dream life all cause of, search in Google with no spaces *MyCashAtHome .c o m*

  11. Give the world more on DAPP!! Great to see it feature, been following it for ages!! Potentially a maasive project.

  12. LiquidApps, seems to be one of the only projects that the crypto space really needs.

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