Too late to invest in Bitcoin? Developer Explains

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ODRICANJE: Ovo nije financijski savjet! Ovo je zabava i mišljenje na bazi show. Ja nisam finansijski savetnik. Molimo vas da samo uložiti ono što možete priuštiti da izgubite, i zato Vas molimo da sami istraživanje prije ulaganja. Dyor!
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Too late to invest in Bitcoin? Developer Explains

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  1. but why does matter if they go down in value over time, my grandmother payed 50p for milk, i payed 1.50 but she earnt 18K a year i earn over 60k for the same job, so why does it matter? great video though

  2. Awesome video Dude. I’m tempted to use your video to re-educate my friends and family

  3. Great content. Value is personalbut without this knowledge, the value will never be recognised. The more people know and understand, the greater the value.

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  6. I had a friend asking me about buying BTC. I told himdon’t buy it because I told you I think it’s a good investment. Do your own research on it and decide for yourself if you feel it would be a good investment for you. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR INVESTING IN!” A week later after the price shot up I talked to him and he said he was going to get some but wanted to learn more about it but he had $200 to put in. He bought some that day at about $7200. As one of those holders I discovered I can only recover my loss by trading what I have left, I was busy making research on how I could make profit to recover my losses and came in contact with Benjamin Jackson, A pro trader who helped me not only in recovering my loss using his strategies but also showed me how I can make 6Btc weekly with 1btc, How great and effective his strategies are, if you have lost so much in trading crypto and want to recover all your loss or you are a newbie in the crypto life you can reach out to Benjamin on Email @ BENJAMINJACKSONTV@Gmail com and telegram +1 551 257-4137.

  7. A store of value is something that RETAINS purchasing power

    ‪Bitcoin ‬is not a store of value, it is too volatile

    Why is this lie continuously perpetrated?

    Speculative value is not equal to store of value

  8. Don’t believe all this crap that Bitcoin is ‘digital gold’, or that it will evolve past these scaling issues. It’s not like gold because gold can have low popularity and still have value. Bitcoin needs a lot of popularity to keep it secure. If it loses popularity, miners drop off, it becomes exposed to double-spend, and then sudden catastrophic failure. But they’ll never tell you this, they’ll just keep feeding the Bitcoin hopium to you until you OD on lambo ads.

  9. This year Telegram token will grow up in price as well as bitcoin in due time. Now GRAM costs $1.45, but in a year entirely possible it will cost 50 i 100 dolara! I advise to buy and hold the coin before floatation *ton-token. info/sale-GRAM*

  10. On the grand scheme of things, once You understand the potentiel of bitcoin, you can bet on it but i think people need education to fully understand.

  11. Benjamin’s strategy is lucrative, but I made 2.87 bitcoin with 1 bitcoin in 28 dani, unlike my friends, they made higher and we signed up on it the same time, is there anything am doing wrong.

  12. I am now a full time trader, thanks to Benjamin, quit my job since i was initiated into this easy new way of making money.

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