Revealed: Private Tron [TRX] Letter To “Crypto Influencers”

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The Justin Sun And Warren Buffet Lunch is Canceled. Yet there is more to this story… the event will continue. Should we go?

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TRON founder Justin Sun cancels lunch with Warren Buffett due to health complications

Tron Founder Justin Sun Postpones Lunch With Warren Buffet

Justin Sun: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Justin Sun: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Revealed: Private Tron [TRX] Letter To “Crypto Influencers”

61 komentari

  1. Definitely go. Looks like an amazing event. As long as there’s no obligation to buy Tron.

  2. I think you should go. The general consensus seems to be Tron is mostly hype and short on tech; kako god, getting a first hand look for yourself could change that. You never know

  3. You are Altcoin Daily, you aren’t The Warren Buffett Fan Club…. Tron is an Altcoin.. Go there, get some swaghave a good time..and bring back some Altcoin news to share

  4. U decide yourself whether to go or not but I would KILL for a tron swagbag and frisbee

  5. I would go no matter what. I don’t see it as bad thing Warren and Justin won’t be there. There are other people there that will be great to meet. And Warren with all do respect. He is nothing to digital currency.


  6. Justin Sun gets kidney stones and TRON price falls 14% (so far). Hahahahahahawhat a joke
    Can you imagine what would have happened if Justin had an accident or worse ?
    This is one of many reasons why I stick to BTC.

  7. Definitely go! Road trip!

    Plus you’ll more likely be invited back if they do reschedule and you’ll have met more influencers. Plus sea lions!

  8. I had Tronsold it all when it pumped at a nice profit and converted it all to Bitcoin.

  9. I don’t buy he had kidney stones. The government probably stopped him. Don’t own any TRON because I don’t find Justin Sun’s marketing techniques to be that enjoyable!

  10. Let’s be honest here. There is absolutely no way the lunch has been cancelled because of kidney stones. He is in trouble in China. That’s my thoughts. Out of TRX for now. 😭

  11. You are very smart not investing in tron. Altcoins are only good for one thing. To speculate on during an alt season to buy more bitcoin. THATS IT! NOTHING MORE!

  12. I’ve had kidney stones twice it’s no joke. Extremely painful and invasive. The question is are we being told the truth

  13. mate i had kidney stones, and i could not move for 2 weeks, there was no way i was going to work they would hit you everyday like a tone of bricks

  14. You know long before they start affecting you that you have kidney stonesso NO i do not buy this. It is very painful but he would have been in pain for long time before he even bid for the lunch. So something is not right here.

  15. @Terence Gould not true my pain started 3 u 4 hours prior to me passing it. I just kept going to the bathroom and the dull pain intensified over the course of two hours.

  16. That and there is a chance Buffet just gave him his money back cause he is not Crypto friendly.

  17. Justin Sun is a scam artist and a jokealways a lame excuse with this foolstay away from Tron

  18. I missed a week of military work from kidney stones; then had two surgeries to remove them from my kidney.

  19. @Hamza Khair agreed. I understand why people are so polarized with Sun and Tron. He can be a bit obnoxious with his approach to media and advertising. And i get the bad looks on trx from 2017 when they plagiarized sections of their white paper.

    People who aren’t involved or opposed to tron will NEVER see past that. That’s all the rock they need to push against and they will be content hurling mud on it forever.

    I’m happy to take an objective outsider outside perspective on this and crypto in general. If tron can do what it purports to do then it might surprise the haters ( in time).

    What i find funny is that you get the same sorts of hate on bitcoin and crypto in general from people who either missed out, are jealous of it’s success, or believe those in media who call it a ponzi scam. Seems like their ignorance is slowly transforming into vitriol and they pray for it’s demise just to sayi told you so”, point and laugh. Unfortunately for them, the more bitcoin goes up, the more cognitive dissonance they have to suffer through.

  20. @Toblerusse white paper scandals in crypto are so overrated. How many companies have we seen scam investors with flashy whitepapers? At least Sun has come through with delivering a good mainnet and building on his platform with BTT. They have the #1 traded Dapp in the ecosystem that’s getting listed on Binance’s launchpad soon. Not mentioning other great projects like VibraVid/Beatscoin, that has potential to shake things up against YouTube, Dailymotion, itd. But I agree with you though. Hate Sun all you want for his marketing antics, but there are a lot of honest hard-working developers pushing out great code to get innovative platforms launched on TRX. I can’t knock that

  21. @Bison News Well said. Will never touch it. The Tesla bs and the partnerships that ended up being non partnerships, was enough for me. Con artist.

  22. Nice Move! I’m looking back and wishing I did the same thing, but I was hoping for a second pump after Buffett before making that same move. Time for a new plan!

  23. ne. I don’t believe in Tron and it seems like you don’t either, so attending would be a sign of support.

  24. @Crypto Pro Ive had kidney stones several times in my life and suppose I must be fortunate but never been incompacitated to that level. Still think there is more to this

  25. @MK Ultra see, if we were playing the shortsighted game, Tron is up 15% since you typed that post.

    Nothing matters pricewise in the short term unless you’re trading.

    Let’s see where tron’s price is at in a year. 2 godina. 5 godina.

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