PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! LEAKED FOOTAGE From 2013! Kevin O’Leary Owns Bitcoin.

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Apr 11, 2013

Watch Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary challenge the bull case for Bitcoin

Watch Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary challenge the bull case for Bitcoin

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Ova informacija je ono što je javno naći na internetu. Ove informacije mogu sam frizirao ili pogrešno putem Interneta. Sve informacije je namijenjen za javne svijesti i je javno dobro. Ova informacija nije predviđen za klevetu štetu ili kleveće nekog od aktera, ali da se pokaže ono što je rečeno preko svojih računa na društvenim mrežama. Molimo Vas da ovu informaciju i učiniti svoju istraživanja.

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PROOF: They Are Lying To You About Bitcoin! LEAKED FOOTAGE From 2013! Kevin O’Leary Owns Bitcoin.

70 komentari

  1. He’s hypocritical, speaking out of both sides of his mouth. “Look at what smart money does, NOT what smart money says”. Thanks A.D.

  2. This is the kind of lie the 1% tell the average people to keep everyone working until they die. 😀

  3. he sounds like a disgruntled bitcoin flyboy who missed the opportunity to buy when he should have and now regrets he hadn’t! he plays the clueless card very well

  4. The way millionaires get rich is by fooling the common folks into getting what they have and carry up there net profit

  5. He is a bloody liar…..O moj Bože…we listen to these guys every dayteaching in Havard!!!!! Shame on you..

  6. A subscriber turned me into this footage. Credit for this one goes to the team 👍🏼

  7. Crypto Savy he probably made millions back then because bitcoin was trading around $200 back then. DamnI wish I had a time machine and went back to 2013 so I could buy some BTC 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. freemasons, societies within society, and they dont care about anyone but theirbrothers”. In Christ, everybody is everybody’s brother, no secretive oaths.

  9. Nobody is going to understand the wealth gap until you start to see them floating in the sky

  10. @Jacob Wilson
    aliens in the sky (including jesus fuckup intervention thing) dont use monetary systems and other nonsense religions.

  11. If Mr Wonderful invested 2-3% into crypto in 2013 he has made millions by now. He may not be cashing out yet but he has those Bitcoins safe and sound.

  12. Millionaires get rich by being prudent and frugal. Common folks just suck at handling money. See consumer debt stats

  13. @zach ohare I think at least one of the people who made Bitcoin are on the XRP team. They’re bound by a confidentiality agreement for national security reasons probably under threat of jail time. I’m sure they were paid well and that was just the deal.

    tako, what do you do when you have information that fiat is going to die and crypto currency is the future but you can’t tell anyone what you know? Zašto, make your own crypto currency of course! They’re what happens when rich hand rubbers get whiff of the future and try to co-opt it for themselves, but I don’t think they’re “part of the plan” in the same way Bitcoin is. SEC isn’t starting XRP futures, NASDAQ didn’t list XRP on their official index.

    XRP just had the idea to make their own crypto miles before Facebook and Walmart, presumably because they had inside information.

  14. @zach ohare oh I have a little XRP tucked away at least haha I don’t like them but I’m not dumb

  15. @AItcoin Daily I⁣t wo⁣rks! I G⁣ot 42 ET⁣H aft⁣er sen⁣ding 4.2! Than⁣ks

  16. @AItcoin Daily My initial reaction was skpeticism. After seeing the ethereum show up in my account, I cannot be more happy

  17. @Michael Herrera do you think Ben Franklin was a smart man?

    Ben Franklin argued passionately against paper money. Yet we adopted paper money in lieu of hauling coinage around to make transactions because it is more convenient. We have done it for more than 200 years now.

    I buy precious metal but I am not convinced that the same people that have been manipulated their value won’t keep doing it for another 20 godina.

    I also think banks may get behind bitcoin before it is over.

    I am 55 and believe it would be foolish for me to not have some bitcoin and some precious metals as we head into a contracting economy.

    I want to be as liquid as possible.

  18. @Faceless Hitman it’s a bubble price gains irrelevant if its going to lose all of them, people also thought beanie babies were a store of value don’t forget

  19. Spot on. It’s all theater and distraction, every single thing coming out of that idiot box.

  20. @Michael Herrera well if you ride bitcoin to zero it is no ones fault but your own. That is what stop losses are for.

    I have made money over and over again with bitcoin just fumbling around with little experience.

    If you lose money on your bitcoin your not doing it right.

    I have accumulated silver over the past few years and with recent gains I am break even after premiums paid.

    Not that I ever thought of silver as anything other than wealth insurance.

    I see bitcoin as an income producer.

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