My CONSERVATIVE 1 Year Bitcoin Price Prediction Donald Trump Tweet

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Bitcoin Has Just Been Thrust On The World Stage. Thank You Donald Trump.


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I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on Bitcoin as a Store of Value

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

LiveBitcoin stock to flow model

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Exchange May Join Facebook’s Libra Project

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Exchange May Join Facebook’s Libra Project


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My CONSERVATIVE 1 Year Bitcoin Price Prediction Donald Trump Tweet

62 komentari

  1. Great videoooo
    Btc by May 2020 everything above 20k will be awesome maybe around 50k ….its only 10 months ahead
    Will still be listening to your channel

  2. I can’t see why Donny can’t get on with Btc, I mean they are both Orange and into making the financial world a better place.

  3. Business men always position themselves behind the consumer and proceed toSERVICE THE ACCOUNT”. Trump is a business man.

  4. He already is. A few years ago he sold one of his buildings and took bitcoin for partial payment . Lol. Hes fully aware

  5. 500K-1 million. And it’s a discount. And when we will ask you the debt of USAYou will answer 21 million btc 🙂

  6. Trump isn’t wrong .. He’s playing chess and he’s a master. He loves BTC, he loves free markets and he is appointing a crypto-friendly Fed. He wants to tell the world it’s great and give it attention, it’s Trump’s tactics.

  7. I reckon trump has money in bitcoin because the usd dollar isn’t going to last much longer.

  8. Guys bitcoin goes up a year after the halving so next year I’m thinking around 18k. In two years I’m thinking 120k

  9. Aaron, you are such a prude. If Libra and Gemini get into bed together for a fun threesome, u 9 mjeseci’ time Warren Buffet will be the midwife as lots of little bitcoins come out .

  10. Hahahathis is one of your best videos yet! I love watching all of your videos before anything else everyday! Thank you both so much!!!!!

  11. Trump is the president of US. He HAS to say usd is the best currency lol it’d be foolish for him to say otherwise

  12. President Trump last week appointed a very crypto friendly lady onto the Federal Reserve board. Look to what Trump does, not what he says. Trump just did a huge advertisement for Bitcoin, you should thank him.

  13. You all have it wrong, Trump is trying to drive the price down so he can buy cheaply. He does stuff like that.

  14. @Rmeredith77
    Možda, I don’t really care if bitcoin will be at 35k or 18k next year. I won’t be selling bc the price of btc will to the moon by the end of 2021. Probably over 100k

  15. @Medic 19 I’m in NJ blue state you must be in California but then again, I don’t see the dollar collapsing anytime soon. Red states are cheaper, also everyone has debt, debt has been around since time began.

  16. @Wild Bill LMAO! That obvious huh? I believe the same. The dollar will be around for a while still. It’s the rhetoric I heard in 2007-2008. World is coming to an end, gold to 10,000, itd. Not saying this won’t happen but, I’m a little more objective this time.

  17. @Medic 19 what is bitcoin backed by? Dollars. You need dollars to buy bitcoins. What are dollars backed by? Oil, people say nothing but it is really backed by oilPetro dollaroil is more important then gold, all of our food is transported from farms to the supermarket by trucks, planes, trains, ships that all run on…… what else. Oil

  18. @Wild Bill Good points. The dollar is also backed by brute force. You don’t use our dollar we will bomb you.

  19. @Marek Franek That’s way too conservative and far under what the 4-year cycle model predicts.

  20. Because he’s just another globalist puppet. It didn’t matter if it was Clinton or Trump during the last election. They’re working for the same people.

  21. @Tyler Wilson
    Maybe but but it doesn’t really matter to me if bitcoin price is 18k or 40k next year bc I won’t be selling. I believe by the of 2021 it should reach over 100k. Then I might sell some

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