LIVE! ASK US ANYTHING! [Plus “Influencer” Interviews]

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We are LIVE! In San Fransisco! At the Tron Event! Join us for a Q & A and watch us interview other crypto "influencers".

In this video we talk to:

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***NIJE FINANCIAL, PRAVNI, Ili porez na SAVJETI! SAMO MIŠLJENJE! Ja nisam stručnjak! Ja ne garantuju određeni ishod nemam INSIDE ZNANJE! Što trebate učiniti SVOJ ISTRAŽIVANJE I sami odlucite! Ovo je samo OBRAZOVANJE & ZABAVA! KORIŠTENJE ALTCOIN svakodnevno u polaska POINT!

Ova informacija je ono što je javno naći na internetu. Ove informacije mogu sam frizirao ili pogrešno putem Interneta. Sve informacije je namijenjen za javne svijesti i je javno dobro. Ova informacija nije predviđen za klevetu štetu ili kleveće nekog od aktera, ali da se pokaže ono što je rečeno preko svojih računa na društvenim mrežama. Molimo Vas da ovu informaciju i učiniti svoju istraživanja.

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LIVE! ASK US ANYTHING! [Plus “Influencer” Interviews]

45 komentari

  1. People have been saying btc will only survive for ever! Guess what, there are other coins too and many of them will be here for a long time!

  2. Are you guys the winklevoss twins back from the future, trying to pump the future price of bitcoin higher?

  3. The Swift network just completed a successful test of cross border transfer in under 10 sekundi. RIP XRapid and XRP.

  4. I think it was working money channel last video where she showed that swift was incorporating corda or R3 in this remitance process which uses XRP.

  5. love u guys, but have never heard of any of the people u interviewed. Enjoy the city!

  6. I think the original purpose of this meeting was not buffetBut just make all this YouTube crypto meet nd explain them something

  7. Timestamp:
    1:40- Video starts.
    2:45- BitBoy
    12:20- Wendy O
    19:45- K-Dub/Crypto Zombie
    30:25- Quen/MidEarthCrypto
    43:30- CryptoPointHindi
    48:40- Elliot/FUDTV

  8. Elliot plugged Krown!!!!
    Super dope
    Mad props to Elliot and FUD TV….you sir are a gentleman and a scholar
    Altcoin Daly needs a Krown Interview 1,000,000% – your viewers will all thank you!!! *cheers*

  9. Norwegian Air now ✈️ accepting Bitcoin and crypto. More good news!

    Adoption means greater demand, mining reward halving means reduced supply. Result should be long term rise in price 🏌️‍♂️🌤

  10. It is nice to put a face on the voiceSeriously, I thought you guys were much more olderI love your content. Great job!

  11. Za mene, right now is the time to look at Reddcoin mass adoption technologiesGreat time coming for crypto world. <3

  12. muahahaha, been listening since beginning of 2019 and thought because of the timbre in your voice you’d be at least 45 godina. now i’m suprised and even more impressed about your work! Keep it up and cheers from sunny Germany!

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