Is Justin Sun in JAIL? Tron Doom or Fake News? | TRX Crypto

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ODRICANJE: Ovo nije financijski savjet! Ovo je zabava i mišljenje na bazi show. Ja nisam finansijski savetnik. Molimo vas da samo uložiti ono što možete priuštiti da izgubite, i zato Vas molimo da sami istraživanje prije ulaganja. Dyor!

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Is Justin Sun in JAIL? Tron Doom or Fake News? | TRX Crypto

22 komentari

  1. I mean can we confirm that he is live in San Francisco?? Could it have been a setup backup plan? Elliot is now a bitcoin maxi huh? Is your project still being built on tron? Too many questions around tron and this channel

  2. This is purely and obviously FUD that is being made to STOP Justin from meeting Warren Buffett. You see, if and when Justin meets Mr. Buffett, sometime during the conversation, Mr.Buffett will comment negatively towards crytocurrency, which in result, will shake, disrupt, and affect all the other coins in the market (especially BTC) to drop tremendously. So in order to prevent all this, they are making FUD to only affect Tron. I believe Justin really IS in SanFran, and to tell you the truth, it is quite easy for U.S. authorities to verify his presence in the United States. You can’t fake the Golden Gate Bridge from your hotel room window!!!!

  3. Well at least we get to see first hand all the dishonesty and unethical journalism in these mainstream news sources. Now vote Trump 2020!

  4. Heard it was kidney stones so with that and all the other Fud who knows what is truth, half truth or just false. The fact there is more and Fud about may mean we are going to have another run up soon though as it all goes hand in hand.

  5. Justin will continue to shoot his foot until trx is zero, meanwhile he pumps and dumps. Ask any long time holder. Also the hodlers will pay him back in kind because they have nothing more to lose and would rather he lost more. Just my observation , I have never traded tron

  6. Definitely need to have a better marketing team or a professional representative when you’re leading a billion dollar project

  7. Dont you mean, announcing an announcement of an announcement with hashtag #police and ends up an announcement that he bought a police doll for his niece or something?

  8. Don’t like him and sold off all my trx as he is full of fluff and lies too much, you will see when you pay attention to what comes out of his mouth

  9. That video says it all, you can only see his forehead like??? Show your face or you don’t know how to use your phone properly

  10. Price pushes 3100 u 13.9. News all good. Consolidation begins news turns bad. Sure it’s just a coincidence

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