Congress admits: BITCOIN CAN’T BE STOPPED! Libra hearings = MASSIVE BULLISH sign for cryptocurrency

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ODRICANJE: Ovo nije financijski savjet! Ovo je zabava i mišljenje na bazi show. Ja nisam finansijski savetnik. Molimo vas da samo uložiti ono što možete priuštiti da izgubite, i zato Vas molimo da sami istraživanje prije ulaganja. Dyor!

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Congress admits: BITCOIN CAN'T BE STOPPED! Libra hearings = MASSIVE BULLISH sign for cryptocurrency

27 komentari

  1. Your quickly becoming one of my favorite crypto youtubers, along with crypto zombie and that martini guy

  2. That was a nicely balanced summary of today in crypto. It’s all so positive. We are starting to build the structure of the new crypto society on the foundations that have been laid over the last ten years

  3. They are spotlighting the enemy facebook , so that their new system Ripplenet can be released and the public will trust it with open arms.

  4. When you expecting your bloomberg mate back on. Interesting what his views are at the moment.

  5. Glad to see your pineapple hair on a more regular basis. Kevin O’Leary is a schmuck.

  6. Myetherwallet and Ethereum started the dividend program for holders of ETH coins on

  7. first they ignore, you then they laugh at you, then they fight you (where we are now)… then you win

  8. I have 85% bitcoin. kako god, with altcoins taking a beating are there any alts you are scooping up?

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  10. I am so interested in knowing what the market cap will be by the end of the the year.well so far i am still learning from Benjamin.

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