mogu Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – realno

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Why Bitcoin Works

Planting Bitcoin

Fish Was Once Currency in Newfoundland



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mogu Bitcoin (BTC) STILL Make You A Millionaire? – realno

56 komentari

  1. The last time I was this early Bitcoin was at 20k.
    Like it when you guys surprise me with a Sunday video

  2. 5:10 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars is about $40 Američki dolar
    Love your videos BTW.
    Thanks for what you do. Keep it up!

  3. veliki video! Thank you for the 23rd time! 👍 Years ago I was all about alts but, the longer I’m in this market I’m becoming a BTC maximalist.

  4. Altcoin Daily Thanks for the scarily components of Bitcoin stressed as Q DAO Governance token supply is a mere club membership of one million minus one maximum supply makes me think that the value as it is slowly released over the next 2 years means that converting a percentage down the road will be as what smart $$ is all about. Success of this project is not questionable in my eyes. I waited a long time for this and it is time to climb up on my soapbox.

  5. I’m patiently waiting for the major retrace in BTC, so I can finally be part of the elite that owns one entire BTC

  6. 2:56 “You trust the government, u pravu?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Right. Thanks for the laugh and the video, Austin. Happy Sunday! 😀

  7. Altcoin Daily still want you to do a piece on Bitcoin Rhodium and their Strong 💪 Hands reward program. Hvala ti. Always in your corner. Bye the way check this out (California Governor at his finest)

  8. It does not take such a huge amount of money to push up the market-cap of bitcoin. That is a misunderstanding. It only takes the *most recent* btc transactions to go steeply up in price, to make all the other dormant bitcoins to have that perceived value, though nobody might have paid a fraction of that for most of them; so the amount invested need be far, far less.

    Therefore it only takes scarcity at the exchange-points and high demand at a given time, to alter the market-cap. So my guess is that dramatically increased valuation could happen looong before btc replaced all currencies (if that were even possible). If simply ‘owning one complete bitcoinbecame a status symbol amongst the wealthy, na primjer, that alone could push the price (and market-cap) off the charts.

  9. @TC MaybeI bought a little just in case today. But I see 8k one more time, and that will be a major buy zone for me.

  10. @Z. S. N. haha ok ok you got me, 19xxx, pedantic much? And the point is that, yeah, I’ve never been this early.

    probably will reach gold market cap
    In maybe 10 years or early aand we will still be here…..

  12. I bought 0.22 BTC when it was at 5.5k before the 2017 20k pump. Never sold it and not planning to for a long time.

  13. You need money to make money. takođe, rich get richer. It’s much easier to make $1 miliona $10 million than $100k to $1 milion.

  14. Nobody ever asks me about Bitcoin lol. They all know I’m into it, but I guess they just think I’m crazy lol. But when the day comes when everybody is asking about it I’ll be ready. Sadly I won’t be able to pick up because I’ll be relaxing on the beach. xD

  15. Lambdacode I do hear you. I was there once. If I could have my time again I’d have bought property sooner and not laughed at BTC in 2012. Make one your goal. Go without. It will be worth it.

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