Buying One Bitcoin A Paycheck, No Matter What.

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Said it once and will say it again: a 4 digit Bitcoin is a gift Whether it hits 9k or even 8k.

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$8K: "Will buy at $6K" 😀👍

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Buying one Bitcoin a paycheck, no matter what.

Buying one Bitcoin a paycheck, no matter what. od Bitcoin

Sell or buy?

Sell or buy? od Bitcoin

I'm getting nervous. There's a lot of red recently.

I’m getting nervous. There’s a lot of red recently. od Bitcoin

I get the feeling bitcoin market is manipulated. Effectively it's pump and dump in reversefast run up and then slow bleed.

I get the feeling bitcoin market is manipulated. Effectively it’s pump and dump in reversefast run up and then slow bleed. od Bitcoin

Congratulations, bitcoin, on your new ATH – $1337.00

Congratulations, bitcoin, on your new ATH – $1337.00 od Bitcoin

what would you like to be able to buy with bitcoin?

what would you like to be able to buy with bitcoin? od Bitcoin

Bitcoin network hashrate sees fastest growth in history


Wells Fargo Won’t Allow Customers To Buy Bitcoin

What Trump’s Bitcoin Tweet Changes

What Trump’s Bitcoin Tweet Changes

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***NIJE FINANCIAL, PRAVNI, Ili porez na SAVJETI! SAMO MIŠLJENJE! Ja nisam stručnjak! Ja ne garantuju određeni ishod nemam INSIDE ZNANJE! Što trebate učiniti SVOJ ISTRAŽIVANJE I sami odlucite! Ovo je samo OBRAZOVANJE & ZABAVA! KORIŠTENJE ALTCOIN svakodnevno u polaska POINT!

Ova informacija je ono što je javno naći na internetu. Ove informacije mogu sam frizirao ili pogrešno putem Interneta. Sve informacije je namijenjen za javne svijesti i je javno dobro. Ova informacija nije predviđen za klevetu štetu ili kleveće nekog od aktera, ali da se pokaže ono što je rečeno preko svojih računa na društvenim mrežama. Molimo Vas da ovu informaciju i učiniti svoju istraživanja.

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Buying One Bitcoin A Paycheck, No Matter What.

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  2. Oh yeah so why the financial institutions such as fidelity investment hedge funds, microsoft, Baktt & ICE backed by NYSE investing billions of dollars and building infrastructure like safe custodian services for investors etc and saying crypto is scam don’t buy crypto has no value what about dollar is it backed by anything printing fiat currency in thin air lol

    If the BTC prices drops down to 9K I’ll add more BTC to my portfolio and the recession is just around the corner!!

  3. These forks just messed everything up in the crypto market 😀 they didn’t even serve a smart solution for the problems 🙂 however, lightning is a must havea new privacy Layer is a Must havehow many second layer solutions in future? We will patch it as long as we can because its the first and the most secure, transparent cryptocurrency. Za mene, I would not add a privacy layer to it. I would say, It’s perfect with lightning tech on top and the only one legal for Tradespoeple(businesses), vlada, korporacije, medical institutions, science researches, donacije, everything we need to know as we pay taxes for it or we pay immediately to that charity as a donation. As a private non-business guy, I prefer riding with monero because my financial privacy only belongs to me, except if I want to share some of it.

  4. Where do you live in Spain I’m in Andalucía and a decent apartment is 500,000euro. Ten bitcoin is 100,000 euro today

  5. Right there with you guys! The world is changing faster than any of us realize. Smart money is decentralized.

  6. Yep! Dollar cost average is the way to go.

    Bitcoin reward halving another day closer 🥑

  7. Before I would’ve been panicking about the price drop, now I’m salivating at the price drop. I hope the price stays “low” long enough for my small buys to add up to a solid position

  8. A very successful ex-hedge fund manager I follow has said many times over past year BTC is a good BUY up to $25000.

  9. @Claudio Dio Most important though is realising that 99% of alt coins are scams, so my advice is never stray away from bitcoin.

  10. Great job going back in time puts a right perspective . Best thing to do . Set up weekly buys in coinbase and forget about it for 1-2 godina

  11. strong hands. Im not selling, nor giving it cheap to whales. they will not shake me up at this prices.

  12. man i wish i was paying attention to BTC few years ago. I remember hearing about it back 2008/2009 and never thought anything about it.

  13. @Claudio Dio Agree as I hold both, but long term not so sure, unlike bitcoin although their not scams.

  14. Crystal Balls are great! i heard about it in 2014 and shrugged it off/couldn’t be arsed, too busy watching breaking bad! 🙁

  15. I love that you guys really put some thought into your videos. Alot of the good YTers I follow in the crypto space usually talk about news headlines and sort of repeat the same old cliches….and while you do talk about news, the angles of your videos are great. I always look forward to watching your videos and you are among the very few that I have thebellon for 😉

    cheers from Canada.

  16. logans run

    I compare bitcoin to the tcpi/ip internet protokoll.

    Do you think peapole will stop using it ? :)? i dont think so 🙂

  17. I heard about bitcoin in 2013. Most people heard of it long ago, but the process of buying it was not easy back then. ja mislim 99% of people who bought back then had a programming background.

  18. Billy Ray Valentine Billy Ray would be buying while the Duke brothers were selling

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