Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Entering Re-Accumulation. Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin.

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Re-Accumulation. Look at the similarities in the cycles. Every cycle has the same phases. Bitcoin is moving.

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Ben Shapiro just made the case for Bitcoin as a solution to fiat currency on his show today. (Clip starts at the 47:50 oznaka)

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Ova informacija je ono što je javno naći na internetu. Ove informacije mogu sam frizirao ili pogrešno putem Interneta. Sve informacije je namijenjen za javne svijesti i je javno dobro. Ova informacija nije predviđen za klevetu štetu ili kleveće nekog od aktera, ali da se pokaže ono što je rečeno preko svojih računa na društvenim mrežama. Molimo Vas da ovu informaciju i učiniti svoju istraživanja.

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Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Entering Re-Accumulation. Ben Shapiro Endorses Bitcoin.

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  1. Like before watching 👍 happy to be so early in this community keep doing great content
    Greeting from Slovakia

  2. The Sun newspaper in England also posted about Bitcoin today saying supply is limited and price is set to soar!! Although we’ve known this for years, its great that our most ridiculous tabloid newspaper has plasted it all over the place this morning haha, hopefully see some retail fomo from the UK 👊🏽✌🏻

  3. The show is definitely growing. You’re doing some T.A.,You guys Going out on the road to the Tron event interviewing some of the greats. Fun to watch. Thanks 👊🏼.

  4. Great choice of news items! Those who focus long-term always live better in the now, on average over a lifetime.

    Check out live hogs futures

  5. I feel as though BTC will accumulate slow & steady till the x-mas boom @ 20k.
    Profits & risk-on plays will then bleed into strong ALT projects which will then wake up retailThen game on for 2020-21 💪💪

  6. sup, i feel bitcoin will pass the 20000 dollar high before the halving cuz this year more than any other has seen more transactions, searches and arguments about bitcoin and the year isnt even over yet

  7. Nice video guys. Great things are going to happen this years I’m a XRP guy for the long term I’m sure that will bring good returns, Also I own Bitcoin because it’s the one for short and long term. But I will NEVER NEVER invest in Bitcoin Cash or SV or ABC, don’t like that guys and projects.

  8. Hvala ti, Very informative Update Aaron, It’s Going to be a Good Year 🚀, Catch you on the Next one 👍👍

  9. accumulation phases are only happening, if there are btc on the market to accumulateas far as I could see, there are less on the table to accumulatewhich would mean to me, that this re-accumulation phase should be much shorter than the one beforealso the halvening will have its effect much earlier and quickerso we see the actual value higher as estimated in the former phasesin addition to my statements above, this would mean to me, that we will enter this next green phase much quicker and earlieraccording to the currency resets and the things happening in the crypto market, the parallel stock market situation, end of manipulations in silver and gold (soon) … I see a whole different reaction on the next bull run, as the former onesmore quick, steep, parabolic, maybe without a same selloff, as we saw in 2018 …

  10. Breaks out to the upside about 2/3 of the triangle which is pretty much what is happening right now.

  11. The fundamentals are so completely different than the last two halving phases that I don’t think TA is going to give you an accurate picture of where BTC will be 6 months or even a year from now. With so many institutional investors coming into the market I believe we’ll outperform what the charts tell us.

  12. I think that pattern you drew at the beginning is a Bull Wedge. New highs this year.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  13. I hope to at least have a half of a Bitcoin before the Halving. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  14. Great video today. Thank you I completely agree with the ETH developer and buying ETH over BTC right now. Even for a BTC maximalist buying ETH right now might mean being able to buy more bitcoin later as the ratio recovers.. I believe ETH has a huge upside potential.

  15. decanted ….wow EXCELLENT news. hvala ! Wait a week for their transferred money to arrive in the exchanges.

  16. @Altcoin Daily You guys should make a goal to go on the road and do some research on alt coin projects. Your success will sky rocket if you do and can figure out how to do it. Start slow with itand you’ll both be glad you did

  17. XRP is only going to make ripple execs rich. Not retail folks like us. Ripple Labs and the three Co-Founders of Ripple (XRP) have been selling their premined Ripple (XRP), as revealed by CoinMarketCap historical snapshots. When CoinMarketCap first listed Ripple (XRP) on Aug. 4, 2013, Bili su 7.8 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation. By August 2014, Bili su 29 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation. At the beginning of 2015, Bili su 31 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation, at the beginning of 2016 Bili su 33.5 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation, at the beginning of 2017 Bili su 36.3 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation, at the beginning of 2018 Bili su 38.7 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation, and at the beginning of 2019 Bili su 40.8 billion Ripple (XRP) in circulation. So far in 2019 Ripple Labs has dumped another 1.77 billion Ripple (XRP) onto the market, bringing the circulating supply up to 42.57 billion Ripple (XRP)

  18. or it gets outlawed.

    are you willing to be a criminal to keep into cryptos?
    using a VPN?
    not paying your crypto taxes?
    plan on leaving the US?
    thinking about Monero now?

  19. how about another 2 yr bear market instead?
    I worry everyone is so bullish.

  20. @Dave c For sure. And Bitcoin is a commodity but influencers are promoting crypto exchanges that allow margin trading with ability to go both long and short. Those are like bucket shops IMO. They should learn to trade on the commodity exchanges instead. Futures contracts are much better for actual leveraged exposure.

  21. I’m going to make some videos about trading Bitcoin futures contracts. First I’ve got to setup a channel for them. I’ll send a link once I have. Your honest feedback as an excellent analyst and experienced YouTuber would be appreciated.

  22. @Christopher Hansen 85% of BTC already producedThat is where BTC is so spectacular.The network effect is soooo strongBTC can be manipulated all they want but They (TPTB) want themIt is just simple math!!! Common informed man can be the 1 of a million that own 17 BTC 😉

  23. The Sun is definitely a big deal. It’s a trash paper but it’s extremely mainstream!

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