Bitcoin Heavily Undervalued | Facebook Coin TAKES BEATING | Bitcoin Bulls Emerge from Congress

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All shitcoiners be so pissed rn buhahaha.. od CryptoCurrency



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Bitcoin Heavily Undervalued | Facebook Coin TAKES BEATING | Bitcoin Bulls Emerge from Congress

54 komentari

  1. Would be fun if they didnt get aproved and in the end they use the Bitcoin or Litecoin network. Moonsuits for everybody.

  2. Watching every day from Melbourne, Australia guysLovin Mr McHenry’s comments on Bitcoin!

  3. I’m a truck driver in the central and eastern US . I watch daily. Thanks for the quality content.

  4. From Dayton, Ohio. I’m getting my blue belt in Korean martial arts tomorrow. I like your videos.

  5. You should probably watch the road bro. LOOK OUT!!!

  6. Good morning from LA! I just moved here a few weeks ago. And yoga is great man. One of the aspects I enjoy is that you can practice it anywhere or anytime, which is especially convenient when traveling.

    Congress discussing the virtues of bitcoin is surely a significant milestone. It’s going to be a wild ride, but I’m even more bullish on bitcoin now!

    I guess you could say I’m bullish on yoga and bitcoin. 😆

  7. Yep! It was a good hearing. Didn’t hear them mention the effects of the mining reward halvings though.

    Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..🎢..🌤

  8. Terrific content, you saved me some time. I normally research a minimum of 4 resources daily to make sure I don’t miss important topics that impact price of BTC, hvala ti. Taught several Dancesport classes last night.

  9. @Rosicrucian LOL it would be Zil before they ever used XRP hell they would use Tron before they used XRP.

  10. Im from Turkey and i do the same, this fud will pass too and i beleive we’ll see the new ath’s so just hodl meine freund 😉

  11. Keep driving and hodling, im a receptionist in a hotel and this videos makes me keep going 😉

  12. The correction seems to be almost completed and we may very well have seen the dip already but it must be noted that no one can for sure say exactly where the correction took place until it has actually happened. What that implies is that there is never a better time to start piling up the coins even though logically, those who bought at say $3,800 seem to be at advantage. A level playing ground exists in trading as it presents a quicker way to turn in more coins without having to buy more. Learn to trade and do this or for a safer investment, its best to find a successful trader that gives out signals and then, copy them. Diego Douglas is one such example and in trading with his guidance, i grew 3btc at about $10,200 when i bought to 7btc in 2 weeks. There are several service providers to choose from but Diego is the most accurate and easy to use from my experience and he can be reached on Telegram @Diegodouglas440. Whatsapp +1(985)686-0034 for instruction on how to be a better investor/trader

  13. My Friends who traded crypto following the teaching and program of Diego generated so much profit during the bear market and still made gains in crypto, I was shameful that I doubted him and that Bitcoin would fall to $1 instead of joining them.

  14. All crypto traders should be informed that trading crypto without a strategy or pattern like Diego’s is like risking you hard to earn cash .

  15. Bitcoin isn’t stable now so I’m not saving 100 percent of the profit I’m making trading with Diego’s program because of the bitcoin price fluctuation, for instance I’ve produced 10bitcoin, prodaja 9 and saving 1 in my cold storage to sell when bitcoin hit $20,000 early next year.

  16. wow, so glad to see this again, My street here in Knoxville, they love to look up to this same Mr Diego just because he showed them his wonderful bitcoin program that gives them so much Gain even when price is dropping.

  17. I won’t forget last month when I told my friends about this Diego’s program and they doubted it, now they’re rating it 100% after they’ve tested it, and we’re sticking to this way of trading crypto for as long as bitcoin lives.

  18. Nolan Crumbley
    She is just looking for a payout, handoff, $$$$$$, her hands are greasy! That woman is vile.

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