270 Days Of NothingThen BOOM! Historically Speaking, Bitcoin Should Rally At The End Of The Year!

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Bitcoin's 4 Year Cycle – prilika (Original Author)

Bitcoin's 4 Year Cycle – prilika (Original Author)

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Bitcoin Can ‘Easily’ Pass Gold’s $7.5 Trillion Market Cap, Says Crypto Investment Titan Mike Novogratz

Bitcoin Can ‘EasilyPass Gold’s $7.5 Trillion Market Cap, Says Crypto Investment Titan Mike Novogratz

Bitcoin goes MAINSTREAM: Cryptocurrency wallet on WhatsApp set for release

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270 Days Of NothingThen BOOM! Historically Speaking, Bitcoin Should Rally At The End Of The Year!

55 komentari

  1. and it was 4 year since the last top to top, before that it was 6 month and before that the cycle was1.5 years from top to top. 6k by the end of this year, bitcoin won’t go under 3k .

  2. I have to say, as a fairly undisciplined type of guy this market has given me some patience. I’ve never held anything so long with so little reward in my life. I guess I have faith that in the end it will work out even though there are no guarantees.

    A rally could occur for surebut thats what they said last year too

    To be honest unless there’s some MAJOR global financial crisis or other MAJOR catalyst event I don’t think there will be some big rally this year. What would spark it?

  3. I appreciate your time and info. Another great video 👊🏼. I saw the Mike N interview on Pompliano’s show. Definitely lots of progress in the works

  4. Truepossibly general interest as people recognize the potential of the next decade. As Mike Novograts saidwhen you look at the possible potentialit seems pretty smart to allocate a couple percentage points of your investments into Crypto.

  5. Svaki dan, every week im working extra hours so i can buy when it dips to my price point still holding stay strong we will win the long run

  6. bitcoin going over 10k in 2017 didnt make sense. on the other hand when got close to 20k had enough momentum and attraction to go a lot higher.why didnt? there are entities who control this market and accumulating as many bitcoin they can so one more leg down is reasonable.they are in no rush and you are right,the last man standing is going to be rewarded

  7. YeahIt took 11 months to go from 1k to 10k. i 1 month to go from 10k, to 20,k back down to 10k again.

  8. Think we’ll see $2,500 before we see $5,000. And I don’t think there’s much OTC sales going on right now and don’t forget that for every buyer there’s a seller.

  9. Mt Gox dumps will drop BTC further and secondarily the alt coins too. It’s coming.

  10. The price crashed at peak because top whales had the idea of a ETF then later pulled it just to drop the price to buy more. BTC should have stopped at 6k. But why, when you can drop it another 50% and buy it even cheaper. Perfect time to buy now, 3800 u 4000. Btc will not drop below 3000 if so the cost for mining will not be worth it. No miners = btc crash to 0. I do not think BTC will see 3100 again. Možda 3600. But we are at the tail end of the bear. Here comes the bull!

  11. Good video today. I always say there are 2 possible outcomes:
    1) Blockchain is a fad and will die a slow death and we lose our investment capital
    2) At some point the bull comes back and values go up exponentially from here and we are rich

    My $$ is on #2

  12. mid april there will be a second bottom lower than 3k

    then a lot of sideways action for months
    2020 it will start to go on a bull run

  13. +Peter Lavington Ha , funny, well it was all I could afford, that and 100 plus litecoin.

  14. +Altcoin Daily 2017 was just a test to see people’s adoption and theyve been building infrastructure ever since but i dont think theyve been expecting all those icos heat up like that so they probably want to put as many as they can out of business

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