BTC Broke Out | US $Dollar HYPERINFLATION Soon!! [Bitcoin Today]

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বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is holding support right now just above the previous low. Are the bulls ready?? We also take a look at the Dow Jones chart and make some simple technical analysis. পরন্তু, is the US dollar going to die? I talk about the coming hyperinflation coming to the US dollar, and I explain why the dollar collapse is imminent. To learn more, watch the video!

1:00 বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ
5:37 BTC Short Squeeze?
8:07 Dow Jones Analysis
11:13 (খবর) ভেনেজুয়েলা & The $Dollar Collapse

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BTC Broke Out | US $Dollar HYPERINFLATION Soon!! [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. 1:00 বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ
    5:37 BTC Short Squeeze?
    8:07 Dow Jones Analysis
    11:13 (খবর) ভেনেজুয়েলা & The $Dollar Collapse

  2. by by guys done with this bear market.Need to take holidays to erase memory of red portfolio haha.I hope that maybe in 2 weeks we are in better more optimistic path.If i manage not to lohk portfolio and conmarketcap for a while will be win alredy 😛

  3. Carl give it a rest , bitcoin is going sideways and down, just because, you have this long going love affair with bitcoin, doesn’t mean anything? The triple bottom is finished. Time to move on to the next chapter of the book!

  4. this is funny.
    You called a bottom on 6k, now your new bottom is 5775?
    going down the stairs.
    and the bullish divergence is there allready for days as well, on the daily….
    so if that didnt work out, you think the smaller timeframe divergence will matter?

    You think the wrong way dude, wake up.

  5. I do disagree on one point that the Dollar will experience hyperinflation……the Dollar is still somewhat backed by the trade of Dollars with there will always be a demand for dollars(propping up its price)

    If however countries stopped using the dollar for oil trade, হাঁ,,,,thats the only circumstance where I could see the dollar crash

  6. Absolutely! No doubt that worldwide events such as the end of the world cup and the summer (north hemisphere) vacations coming by bringing more crypto readers in a confortable environment such as by the pool, will somehow affect price action

  7. Great video thanks for sharing you’re knowlage on the subject. And I am one that knows at some point in the future the curruption in our political and monetary system will bring about a really bad time for all. One must always be prepared for such a time.

  8. China is essentiallycashlessnow. They use QR Code on the WeChat platform. From the street vendor to the department store. It’s efficient, safe and a completely FREE service that is linked to your Bank Account. If you wouldn’t mind watching this short segment then making commentary, it would be much appreciated. Why the need for crypto when QR Code has already been adopted?

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