BREAKING OUT!! Triple Bottom & The 20-Day EMA [Bitcoin Today Again]

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বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ & Crypto News Today: We broke out above the 20-day exponential moving average that we have been talking about SO MUCH! I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make my Bitcoin price prediction. Is the triple bottom showing it's power? Or is it the falling wedge within a falling wedge? Well, bullish price action is seen in the Bitcoin chart, so to learn more, watch the video!

1:16 20-Day EMA
3:57 Triple Bottom Update
4:50 2 Wedges
6:04 প্রাথমিক ধারনা

BREAKING OUT!! Triple Bottom & The 20-Day EMA [Bitcoin Today Again]

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  1. 1 more thing. There are no bulls right now. Only price manipulation, some people trying to get out, pumping the prices up so more can follow and then sell again when everyone thinks a new bull market starts. Stay calm and open your eyes, this will end when no one will believe in Bitcoin anymore, that is the moment when I will buy, I have seen this so many times in the past of Bitcoin and Gold mainly.

  2. The only reason I think alot of them/us aren’t commenting is because we’re busy selling the bounce so we can double up on the next drop in price…. I’d say 4k isn’t too far away myself and I’m prepared to put my newly acquired USDT where my mouth is 😉

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