BREAKING OUT?! | Housing Bubble, Stock Bubble & Ferrari Bubble??

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বিটকয়েন প্রযুক্তিগত বিশ্লেষণ & বিটকয়েন নিউজ টুডে: Bitcoin seems to be breaking out right now. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Will the rising wedge break to the upside right now, or is this just a fakeout with lack of volume? এছাড়াও, is Ferrari cars in a bubble? আরও জানার জন্য ভিডিও দেখুন!

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BREAKING OUT?! | Housing Bubble, Stock Bubble & Ferrari Bubble??

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  1. Keep an eye on what the institutions are doing, not the retails who are net short at BTC low levels, as expected! Smart money sentiment just changed from Negative to Positive; (Net Short positions have reversed for the first time to Net Long). This is the Best leading indicator for BTC future price prediction.

  2. +The Moon hey Carl! Yeah been watching everyday since like Jan, I joined around the 5k subs mark, then all of a sudden your channel was growing so quick! Had to note it 😂😂 love your channel mate, great content. Keep it up 👍👍

  3. yeah i would say its the start of the disbelief-phase, in reddit evrybody makes jokes about this pump -> super bullish sign if u look at marketsentiment.
    buuuuuuut i still believe and hope that we go sideways another 3-4 weeks from this point, pls not another stupid unrational euphoria-phase ‘:ডি

  4. Yah, it’s crazy how BAKKT isn’t all the rage on the street & MSM. Or then again maybe not so strange. Data Dash made a statement a few days ago that the Institutional Buyers at the OTC can not find enough BTC. Why would they want to wake us little people up before they finish cleaning the shelves? But shhhhhhh. This crying bear needs the price to go to <$6K first.

  5. জনাব. Carl thank you I see a lot of people in the U.S. can’t afford basic housing especially in California the housing Buble is happening again alot of people in California are moving out in Exodus levels as well as business and companies to prices are going up every where this state California spends money before they get and pass the debt or deficit to California citizens I’m glad I got real news now from you Carl thank you

  6. +Citizen Smith Do you think BTC would take a dive if an audit unveiled a hefty amount of BTC was purchased using fraudulent Tether which had been created out of thin air? Would we endup w/ another Mount Gox situation…… (BTC being dumped on the mkt after the lawsuit)?

    What are your thoughtsI love to know.

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