Bounce Incoming?! | Bitcoin Is Currently Severely Oversold!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price going to bounce soon? Bitcoin is very oversold and I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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Bounce Incoming?! | Bitcoin Is Currently Severely Oversold!

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  1. I cant be bullish anymore now. Let Bitcoin go down to whatever it takes to go back into a bullrun please.

  2. Market makers, BAKKT, Fidelity, Blood in the streets, and is the volatility back? We maybe see the perfect set up for the next explosiv bull run. So in a few days we might se the range for accumulation phase. Happy Days

  3. +The Moon we need to just be realistic….you aint going to “win medals” by HODLING…its going down..probably to 4.5k…at that point its probably a good opportunity to get in the market

  4. Trabelski M – are you talking about the fractional reserve banking system like in 2008……..or Cyprus 2013, Greece 2015, Germany 1920s……..and on

  5. This was all over the media 6 months ago but I never paid attention to it. Just came across it when I was reading about manipulation. There’s a university research paper floating around the web called “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?” written by Professor John M. Griffin and Amin Shams of Texas University. As I understand it, the hypothesis discussed in the paper is that the market was manipulated on the way up. Whenever the Bitcoin price dropped, more Tether was printed and the Tether used to buy crypto to push the prices higher. Since all Bitcoin transactions are written to the blockchain, all the alleged evidence is there, on the blockchain for all to see. The paper analyizes the blockchain data.
    To me, this implies that the damage is already done and the market prices were/are artificially high. It also implies that manipulation maybe ongoing. Additionally, it could explain why the market price seemed to often move in opposition to what was expected from the technical analysis.
    Tread carefully everyone.

  6. +The Catmother HODL til Tether commits more massive fraud like they did in the run up to $20k. When is that next Tether audit coming?

  7. People are stupid selling with panic that gives banks institutions more control they are buying everything the can

  8. +Brian McKee No reason to come up with a new scam when an old scam is proven to work so well for so long. Just apply the old scam to a new market.

  9. garyabc possible tether manipulated btc high to cash out and provide the liquidity needed to support the amount of tether it printed without proper usd backing.

  10. Honestly I hope we just capitulate now, do it quick and get it over with. I feel like we can’t go to the moon until the whales get a chance to buy ultra low. Let everyone get the price they want then lets make a new ATH! In the mean time, I’m just focusing my trades to make more BTC value and disregard the USD value. Long term…. Lambo 2020! **edit** Thanks Carl!!!

  11. XRP is a Juggernaut always one of the first to rebound, always the fastest to increase, nothing can stop it. Once the rest of the market rebounds XRP will explode in price.

  12. Hey Carl. Could you make a Video about the altcoins. In which of them do you see the greatest potencial? Ethereum maybe?

  13. +Chris Rock Before calling somebody an idiot; you may want to brush up your history and knowledge. When did ZIRP and QE start? 10 years ago. When did SHITCOIN/BITCON start rising along with all other assets – GUESS WHAT!? 10 YEARS AGO!!! QE has ended and the drug dealer (FED) is now removing the punch bowl (QT) and guess what? SHITCOIN/BITCON and all other assets are tanking. At least, stocks and bonds are worth something but SHITCOIN/BITCON and all the other cryptoscams are worthless and this is why most of them have already lost 90% of their value and SHITCOIN/BITCON is also headed there. Good luck holding your bag; I am short and laughing all the way to the bank.

  14. *Carl RSI means nothing in panic market mode. Oversold indicator isn’t respected right now. 4k or lower is inevitable. and the ETP will not pressure the SEC to do anything. wake up man. i love ya brother but snap out of it. lol.*

  15. once we break resistance and BTC price gets to 7200$. Things will get INSANE VERY FAST. remember this comment .

  16. invested $35,000 some time last month with crow’s Miner ,been earning 0.4BTC every 11.5 hours straight to my wallet, his miner is definitely the fastest?

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